Another Shooting Death in a BLM ‘Autonomous Zone’


Chalk up another death in another BLM autonomous zone.

Minneapolis has an “autonomous zone” which grew up in the blocks surrounding the area where George Floyd died. The area, now referred to as George Floyd Square was made into a memorial.

On Saturday, a man was shot in the zone, near the square, and he later died at the hospital. There was a report of a second victim but he was not found. more

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  1. If I were to declare my home and yard an autonomy I’m quite confident the local PTB would make it very clear that I’m a subject of their heteronomy, like it or not.

  2. Yo Aaron,
    “Land isn’t haunted like so much of Arizona is.”

    I ain’t laughing. I’ve hiked into a couple places where strange shit happens. Like throw your compass away because it’s useless.
    Could you expand on that?

  3. Brad.

    You can look it up in the history books. Even ethnologists know this story.

    The Navajo and subsidiary tribes used to be the nice guys. However, due to their resemblance and dressing like Apaches, FedGov damn near wiped them out by mistake.

    The ones left over were rounded up and shipped out to Texas. Where their culture turned against itself. The people blamed the shamans. The shamans didn’t, AND STILL DO NOT, take any crap. So the shamans turned against the people.

    Texas shipped back the Navajo. But what they shipped back was not what we shipped them.

    That’s the short version. The practical result is black magic, skinwalkers, murder, all that crap. VERY BAD STUFF.

    I have a few stories. But I’ll tell you this. If you’re hunting out in the middle of nowhere and you come across a hogan with the door opening facing west instead of east, get the fudge out. That whole area is bad.

    Don’t hunt alone and do not hang out on the rez after dark.

    This is from a guy who makes fun of Voo-Doo and hippie witches and Alester Crowley.

    You don’t need me to point these places out, you’ll come across them. Just head back the way you came, hunt someplace else.

  4. Burr

    Fascinating shit bro. I love the Indian cultures and have read some of this. Let’s say I’m a believer. My wife still thinks it’s hilarious that I purchased a cd on how to speak Lakota Sioux. I always thought I’d relocate in the high country among the pines. But I’m hooked on the desert. Thanks again.

  5. Let us not forget, the FBI who gave us the Russia Hoax is now pushing with no stated evidence the threats of White Supremist violence, while ignoring the ongoing Marxist violence in the Pacific northwest.

  6. Diogenes Sarcastica

    They’ve shut down the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers. Not a big fan of the Three Percenters. Most join for the decal they can stick on their mini van rear window. What ever. The Oath Keepers were/are legit. The serious opposition are, or have, moved to the dark web. These fucking deep state asshole suck in a gun fight. If nothing else, I want to see a come to Jesus moment with these assholes. I mean after all, what agency gets their asses shot off more than the FBI? On a side note, theirs a blog I frequent that had a visit from the FBI do to his content. He filmed it. The two 007 agents were dressed to kill. In tight fitting skinny jeans and shirts to match. Combined 210 pounds of man hood. Fucker looked like they just got off their 4 hour shift at Starbucks.
    There’s a shooting war coming. It’s unavoidable. I like our odds.

  7. You know who you should look up? Barry Goldwater. For most Americans, he’s the “moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue” guy.

    In Arizona he’s the photographer and writer and pilot and mule wrangler and promoter par excellance of all things Arizona.

    He was even a member of the Smoke-I tribe. Had a smoke-i tattoo on his finger. The Smoke-I’s were a bunch of businessmen in Arizona who wanted to promote tourism.(editors note, see previous post about Arizona running out of injuns) They wore big ten gallon hats with red bandannas on them indian style. Rode the trains, got gussied up in native rig and would do rain dances and such.

    People loved them till’ they didn’t. But anyway, Goldwaters photos are spectacular. His stories are pretty cool too.

  8. Burr

    Wow. Your not going to hear from me for for a month. I love this stuff. Lots to research. My Parents were HUGE Goldwater fans. Living in SoCal I remember being hauled along to watch several of his speeches.

  9. Over half the roads in Arizona are unpaved. You can drive it. A lot of people have historically flown it. There was no paved way into Prescott for a long time. Early 60’s? You took the train or you flew from Phoenix or Vegas.

    Our airport, turned from a dirt strip into a miles long runway during ww2 has had the happy result of a) having a huge aviation training industry B) a metric buttload of pilots all over the state.

    Nothin’ funner than sittin’ in Suzy Skyways diner at the airport watching the trainee helicopter pilots avoiding the trainee fixed wing pilots from Embry Riddle all being directed by control tower trainees.

    Mas spectacular.

  10. Memories, Burr.
    Landing after my first solo from 21R, “Preskitt Ground, Three Weasel Popeye, I need to taxi back to the approach end and give my instructor a ride back to Tailwheels, if I forget, he’s gonna piss in my cheerios…”


    Even my dad, Col. Granpa has guffawed into his coffee cup as we had breakfast at the diner. He was a hardened Naval Aviator, Marine Pilot. Had seen it all. It’s not a circus, far from it. But every once in a while…..

    Like I said, Mas spectacular.


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