Another skeleton crawls out of Ilhan Omar’s closet

American Thinker:

In a story unearthed by U.S. Liberty Wire, citing a deep-weeds Minnesota state political news site, here’s some new information on the decisionmaking of Minnesota leftist Democrat and House Foreign Affairs committee member, Rep. Ilhan Omar, dating from her days in the Minnesota statehouse:

On Thursday, members of the Minnesota House voted to pass H.F. 1397, a bill which would give life insurance companies the right to deny payouts to beneficiaries whose loved one died while committing an act of terrorism.

In a bipartisan effort, Republicans and Democrats joined together to pass the bill 127-2. Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-Minneapolis) and John Lesch (D-St.Paul) were the only two lawmakers who voted against the measure.

The issue at the time (2017), was the problem of terrorists taking out life insurance policies shortly before going on suicide rampages, and relying on those insurance companies to make big payouts to their family members, much the same way the Palestinian Authority and its terrorist allies make payments to families of “martyrs.”   MORE


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13 Comments on Another skeleton crawls out of Ilhan Omar’s closet

  1. All of this stuff coming out, yet I’ll wager that if she ran again today she would win again today.

    Our nation is in serious trouble, maybe even fatal trouble, and soon.

    It probably won’t be long now, not long at all.

  2. The “very” least Omar should be moved out of the House Foreign Affairs committee. Pelosi’s zeal to harm the United States included Omar’s appointment. Both serve the evil that permeates The House and Senate.

  3. A U.S. Congress woman fund raising for a terrorist linked organization sounds like sedition and treason and a violation of her oath of office. How can she be allowed to do this and not be immediately removed from office? What am I missing here?

  4. I’m shocked!
    Shocked, I tells ya!

    A terrorist would support an insurance scam to pay terrorists who died performing terrorism?

    Yeah … shocked …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I am glad for America that she got elected, I think a lot of awareness will be generated and I don’t think her vote in the House will impact anything.
    I wonder about those who voted for her though.

  6. “… a violation of her oath of office.”

    A Quiz.
    Reid, Clinton, Obola, Waters, Jackson-Lee, Schumer, Comey, Rosenstein, McConnell, Ryan, Pelosi, Holder, Feinstein, Boxer, Clapper – which one DIDN’T violate its oath of office?

    Yep … trick question …

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. We should be thankful to have Omar & AOC in public office. They are custom ordered advertisements for everything that is so detestable about the neo-modernist democrat socialist party..

  8. That’s what happens when we let in Muzzoids into our country. They end up getting representation in our government and gumming up the works putting all of us at risk. This all needs to be cleaned out.


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