another version of the Obama portrait

MASTERFULLY done by Deputy Slim Chiply



29 Comments on another version of the Obama portrait

  1. When I saw the word “Deputy” above I was expecting the picture to have a couple of nooses in it. One around the kenyan’s neck and the other around Michael’s scrotum.

    Would be better than Poker Dogs on velvet!!

  2. Now you know that’s not an accurate representation of obama. Everyone knows he’s the one who shaves their legs in their relationship. Ba dum bump.

  3. Obama is captured on canvas during his mourning routine of cleansing shortly after self administering semen expectorant.

  4. In Atlanta Piedmont Park, aka “Whispering Bushes” near downtown is a favorite spot for the gays hide in the flora and fauna to have sex.

    I see the artist and subject are familiar with it.

  5. Oh for gosh sake, everybody know Obumbles shaves his legs.

    It’s probably been mentioned before but what’s with the deformed left hand? It looks like the freak has five fingers and no thumb!

  6. I wish Deputy Slim Chiply had painted a ”see thru Lacey tong” . Obola and Rice being discussed in terrorism pandering along with Brennan today. Federal prison to all.

  7. The 8 year winter of our discontent, highlighted with a spring unlike any other.
    You think we the people can petition to have the commie’s portrait removed from archives, like Russia did Lenin, like Progs did Jefferson?
    That’s a whitewash I can get behind.


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