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Anthony Bourdain Punches His Own Ticket

Famed chef, author, world traveler and TV personality, Anthony Bourdain was found dead this morning in his room in France. Officials are ruling it a suicide.  More

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  1. Sad?
    At least he did have the courage to once call Noam Chomsky an lAmerican hating crank”.

  2. Seeing some of the shit he ate I’m surprised he lasted this long.

  3. What a chickenshit piece of crap.

    He left a 11 yr old daughter….at a time in her life when she needs a father.

    I hope he burns in hell.

  4. Bourdain was known to be a heavy smoker so I paid little attention to his opinion of food tastes. I always thought he was just one of those weird people in society that the rich and famous want to say the know and be seen with. RIP

  5. i used to enjoy his shows, but lately he started including his Liberal political opinions in almost every situation. The dinner with Obumbler in Hanoi was too much for me to stomach. He once said he would prepare hemlock for President Trump. Still, he had a great way with people and food and drink.

  6. He once said in an interview that if he were to make a dinner for President Trump, he would serve hemlock (poison) to My Donald.
    Clearly Anthony Bourdain was suffering from mental illness. I feel bad for his kid and other people who cared about him.
    I guess it would be inappropriate to mention the Trump Curse at this time.

  7. Clintonitis seems to be making the rounds through the rich and famous.

  8. Wasn’t he a Hillary supporter much like Kate Spade? Also his girlfriend was an outspoken victim of Harvey Weinstein and Anthony himself publicly ostracized Hillary Clinton for keeping her mouth shut about it.

  9. MeTall- I thought about that, too when I saw his girlfriend’s name. Hmmm…

  10. Lot of suicides going around. There are no coincidences, or so I’ve heard.

  11. RIP.

    I never much cared for the guy; I thought he was an arrogant, Bolshevik ashhole. Too many demons, I reckon; too, it wasn’t his life to take (or “ticket to punch”). Forward to Judgement, Citizen Bourdain.

  12. This may be insensitive, RIP to both Spade and Bourdain, BUT am I the only one who thinks that children to these rich and famous people are no more than just objects? Just like one of Kate’s handbags. No meaning at all, but they spew how they LOVE being parents and how important it is and how it’s changed their lives. Give me a break!

  13. it was in France so i’m wondering if a muzzie got to him and the police covered it up as suicide–you know,sweep it under the rug to save face like they and the Germans and British do all the time. Sorry for his family especially the young daughter. Life is tough with many heart aches and decisions to make but this/that is no way to deal with them–now he and that lady designer will face God and try to explain to Him why they didn’t seek His help.
    Have a great day all-stay safe and blessed. 🙂

  14. List of cabal connected dead this week: — Kate Spade Inés Zorreguieta Alan O’Neill Anthony Bourdain Ben Krapinski +Wife (Builder to Stars) Steven Pitt (Ramsey Psychologist) Tareq Kamleh John Lermayor

    — There are still more if you look.

    I bet JonBenet Ramsey was victim of this sick pedo ring and her parents were part of her murder to keep her quiet.

    I still think Hillary is going to kill herself, after she kills Bill of course.

  15. For a guy who wrote and talked a lot – no suicide note?

    He had been going after Weinstein almost non-stop for the last year.

  16. @45-70

    “What a chickenshit piece of crap.
    He left a 11 yr old daughter….at a time in her life when she needs a father.”

    Progs value children more or less as lifestyle accessories. They have value only in so much as they are adding value to their parent’s lives. Other than that they are expendable.

  17. Pretty much proof LIBERALISM is a MENTAL DISORDER. Threatening to poison a sitting President who is doing a damn fine job with results and following the law shows his mind was not functioning…..leaving an 11 year old daughter shows the selfishness of these libtards too…..

  18. I’m sorry to see him go. The guy had a wicked sense of humor, and I always enjoyed watching what ever show he was on, dating back to his Food Network days.

    I’m sure he leaned heavy Left, but he was a free enough thinker to slam the loons on his side of the aisle, and I can respect that. RIP, Anthony.

  19. Narcissism, egotism, and wrongheaded political values always FAIL

    Yet another week to hold tight to, and feel good about, powerful Judeo-Christian values.

    Step back and look at the planet’s history from a wide perspective and those values reveal just how powerful they are toward living a fulfilling, healthy life individually and toward peaceful and progressive collective human achievement.


  20. Is “Seven Degrees of Deadly Separation from the Clintons” going to become a new internet meme?

    Name a leftist who has died this century and see if you can trace their connection all the way back to one of the Clintons. I bet for most the degree of separation is under 3.

    I could have been more gentle with the title on this post, but I don’t cotton to suicide, even for those with bad politics.

  21. Declared war on Hollywood years ago. Do not even know how to turn on TV. So little about him was known to this family. But that hemlock for Trump statement? Phuk this loser, hope he’s burning in hell. Leaving a young daughter? Unforgivable.

  22. I think the only few minutes I watched of him was when he was in Lebanon during the civil war a few years ago adn he was fuming about being stuck in the hotel with only “a few hours of footage.”
    While people were dying.
    And he’s complaining about not being able to do his food show.
    What an asshole.

  23. Liberal insanity was too much for him. Let’s hope others follow his example.

  24. He was a good story teller and I liked his taste in food.
    I am dubious that he did this himself.

  25. Mr. Snarky Snark must have been tired of hanging out with himself. Heard they found him in a French hangout. Should have hanged on a little longer, things are bound to change.

  26. No sympathy from me. Bourdain only had disdain for people like me and my values. His desire to serve “hemlock” to Pres Trump you know would also apply to Trump voters. The sheer selfishness of taking himself out when he has a young daughter is what angers me. Reports of him hooked on heroin in his past remind me of Seymour Hoffman’s demise.

  27. @.45-70

    I’m kind of a fan. Good bear medicine.

    Used to carry a Marlin 1895SS quite a bit when practically every other hound guy was totin a 336 in 35 Rem. Still have an 1886 SRC.

  28. I hope FDR and the boys downstairs whip up a real swell reception for the ghost of honor this evening….plenty of Cheez Whiz and Ritz crackers to satisfy his finicky palate.

  29. I was a Fan until the Laos episode…Where He apologized for

    “American Bombing” after that It was f*ck Him…

  30. Just hangin’ out Tony?
    Guess all that self-loathing got to you.



  31. @JDHasty

    It’s a great cartridge developed in 1873.

    I have a new Henry that I shoot smokeless with….and two original 1881 Marlins loaded light.

    My heavy long distance loads are with black powder pushed out a Model 74 Sharps.

    Good medicine for just about anything.

    Now back to your regular scheduled program….sorry for the hijack.

  32. As I noted on the Krauthammer story, how interesting that Krauthammer, paralyzed for his entire adult life, is clinging to life, while Bourdain, healthy and successful, throws his life away. By the way, didn’t see anywhere if this was suicide-suicide or another one of those auto-erotic asphyxiation things. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  33. He always struck me as a closet nihilist, so no surprise he wouldn’t consider what he was doing to his young daughter.

  34. He finally figured he was not able to cook!

  35. Anthony,Anthony,….why dident you do this yeas ago????

  36. I heard he may have thought to soon be “outed” as part of the Elite Pedophilia ring. There is so much bullshit news on the internet and social media who knows anymore.

  37. His girlfriend said he was her “rock”. He was more like a little pile of sand, blowing away.

    She chose the wrong thing to worship.

  38. The police call it a suicide, but do not mention the method.
    This smells like a drug overdose….”found unresponsive in his room”…. he couldn’t handle the fame and fortune ??

  39. Never heard of the guy…..however….one down a few million more boomers to go.

  40. There’s been a lot of celebs hung lately. In fact they’ve all been hung. Weird.

  41. Godless, leftist with mental illness. The ultimate consequence of socialist “utopian” ideology – suicide. Bourdain now has a hellish eternity to deal with his fatal pride.

  42. I’m not judging anyone. Who knows what demons he was dealing with. Maybe his wife was cheating on him.
    Or he just found out he has cancer.


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