Anthony Weiner still sexting other women

PageSixSydney Leathers — the woman who horndog Anthony Weiner sexted as “Carlos Danger,” torpedoing his mayoral campaign in 2013 — has accused the pervy former pol of being up to his old tricks again, with yet another woman.

anthony weiner

Leathers on Thursday posted a scathing review of the recent documentary “Weiner” — which covers the sexting scandal — on Beltway blog Washington Babylon, and in Leathers’ “thumbs down” notice, she writes that Weiner’s “behavior will continue. In fact, I am certain his behavior continues to this day because a woman who claims to be one of his current sexting partners has reached out to me for advice.”  MORE

20 Comments on Anthony Weiner still sexting other women

  1. Look at all the stench that surrounds the Democrat leadership.
    And yet millions of American voters will be voting for the stinkiest stenchmaster herself.

  2. No one calls himself “Carlos Danger” unless he’s trying to live down umpteen humiliating wedgies received in front of his entire 9th grade class.

    Our politicians look like obnoxious spoiled children. And the huge problem is the POWER they have given themselves over our lives.

  3. of course carlos is back at it, as if he ever stopped.
    he only married hummer for the money that came his way and to kick start his political career by dragging on clintons coat tails.
    no one in their right minds thinks for a minute that he ever had sex with hummer, that’s the beasts bitch.
    he’s hummers beard.

  4. When he’s no longer needed as political cover for Huma, he’s going to be found with his big head stuck on a pike and his little head stuck on a toothpick.

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