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Anti-Antifa Poster Raises Eyebrows On The Left

An AR-15 manufacturer and an apparel firm both drew attention earlier this month with a poster expressing  a message of peace for the Antifa movement.  Newsweek seems to think the people who created the ad owe an apology to Antifa.

Spike Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union issued a press release in reply to an earlier piece by Newsweek’s on the ad. More
The owners of Spike Tactical and Pipe Hitters Union talked with Alex Jones recently about the controversy.  Watch



19 Comments on Anti-Antifa Poster Raises Eyebrows On The Left

  1. Well Newsweek just got raided by the NYPD. So there is that. But that picture does not represent reality. Reality is if it came to confronting these parasites with weapons we’d be shooting immediately.

  2. A good reminder to those sunken chested little shits. I won’t need a mask and a bottle of urine to take care of you.

  3. Perhaps they should direct their anger at the armed Antifa professor who claimed to chase the Charlottesville driver that crashed into the crowd waving his rifle right before the crash. Probably why that story disappeared so quickly.

  4. Proud, PROUD, I say, to have Spike Tac located in N. Florida, between me and them. 71st b/d next week and am a little to creaky to tak ‘

  5. If TPTB keep encouraging red terror, the repulse will not come in the form of talk or pictures. It will come from hardened professionals. That’s the warning in the message.

  6. Hell yeah! I love their Crusader lower (the engraved one, not that weird helmet thing). My next build will be a 300 blackout with that lower. I wish I could afford to go Deus Vult with it.

  7. Saw this whole thing a few days ago. Outstanding!! “Pipe Hitters Union”!!! :^) Need to pick up some apparel from both of these operations. I’ve already got the length of pipe, “just in case”!!

  8. I used a Spike’s stripped lower for my first AR build, and love it. I think I am going to get another now for another caliber build.

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