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Anti-Defamation League Defends Israel-Hating Omar and Tlaib

Gateway Pundit

This is HUGE news for the Jewish community in America – that two anti-Semitic Demcrats [Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar (Elmi) and Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib] are pushing BDS legislation in the US Congress.

But if you go to the Anti-Defamation League website you will find NOTHING on this dangerous legislation…

You will instead find attacking President Trump’s “racist” tweets on Ilhan and Rashida.

And you will find smears written on Pamela Geller and David Horowitz. More


8 Comments on Anti-Defamation League Defends Israel-Hating Omar and Tlaib

  1. I’m not altogether surprised about this. For a number of years now I’ve been reading articles that show the ADL is really anthing but. They’ve become (or maybe always has been) more of a progressive, anti Israel organization more inclined to promote and defend Palestinians over Israelis at every chance they get. It strikes me as amazing that any jew would support the ADL given their track record. I guess the cliche “self-hating jew” has some grounding in the truth.

  2. shame on my fellow Jews who are self loathing Kapo pieces of shit. if you can’t even defend your own, which is how this group of girly men and LSMFT crowd started out, you are useless to society let alone your own.

  3. Joshua 24:15 “If it seems bad to you to serve Adonai, then choose today whom you are going to serve! Will it be the gods your ancestors served beyond the River? or the gods of the Emori, in whose land you are living? As for me and my household, we will serve Adonai!”

    I guess they chose poorly…

  4. From what I’ve been seeing coming out of the ADL
    it appears that Hamas or the PLO is writing for it.

  5. Tony R, You and me both. However, most of the Jews I know are filthy rich. So, I guess that’s probably got a lot to do with dimwittedness.

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