‘Anti-Fascists’ Crash Nationwide Protests Against Sharia Law

In New York, protesters attempted to drown out the chanting of the anti-Sharia march by sounding air horns and banging pots and pans. Video footage from the event showed protesters launch urine towards Canadian conservative journalist Lauren Southern.


Protesters campaigning against Sharia Law were met with a number of counter-demonstrations on Saturday, as anti-Sharia rallies took place in 28 cities across America.

The rallies, which were organized by the national security organization ACT! for America, attracted strong support in cities such as Phoenix, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, New York, Boston, and Seattle.

Sharia is the law of Islam, which governs how Muslims pray, eat, establish families, and all aspects of a Muslim’s life. The rules of sharia come from Quranic commandments and the hadiths, a collection of sayings of Muhammad. Sharia significantly restricts the freedom of women and allows for extreme punishments for violations such as adultery, blasphemy, and apostasy. Sharia is the basis of laws in Islamic countries, both Sunni and Shia.  more

19 Comments on ‘Anti-Fascists’ Crash Nationwide Protests Against Sharia Law

  1. The absolutely hilarious thing about this is that the pro-sharia idiots would all be either ass-raped nearly to death and tossed off the nearest high building (for the faggots), or sold into slavery (for the insane SJW girls), by the muslims the first chance that presented itself.

    The stupid is hard to fathom.

  2. Agreed, the dumb phucking sheep deserve what they are
    asking/protesting for.
    But I’m not giving up.
    The good thing about antifa fucks? They mark themselves
    as easy targets.
    The rule is, shoot for the center of mass. Mr. 1911 likes
    the center of mass, well, likes destroying it with Starfires
    and Silvertips. I actually still have some black talons sitting
    around also.

  3. The antifa and the others trying to disrupt this country and bring about a marxist revolution are using the muslims, like the Good Feminists, Black Lives Matter, and others, to assist in the disruption. It is disturbing that what is being perpetrated is so obviously like what has happened in other countries that have been brought into revolution.

  4. If someone wearing a mask attacks me, I will definitely fear for my life and act accordingly.
    Absent that make an example of those caught, and get the leaders and financers too.

  5. The oh-so-predictable of shoving diversity, multiculturalism, and 3rd world savage cultures down our throat, without our approval, and against our will.

  6. I feel much the same way I felt when my german church friends began to “fight” other, more enlightened germans regarding initial refugee and resettlement issues in the 90’s.

    The idea was to let them come but not give them any status (thus no food and shelter) they would go back home. But the bleeding hearts (who were still stuck in the “Nazi reparations mindset of “see we’re nice people) began to throw rescue lines. And the problem grew.

    Eventually the government began to take on a “just wait and we’ll see attitude that grew into the mess it currently is. There are people there who will allow themselves to be killed to make the point that they are tolerant, inclusive, friendly, and open-minded.

    Sadly, we have that same mindset working here. It’s the same idiots who compromise on anything so to always claim the moral high ground. Unfortunately these clowns still think we’re all on the kindergarten playground and it’s a matter of learning how to get along.

    They think they’re playing with kittens who will become lovable with play while they are really playing with hyenas who will always revert to the pack instinct.

    Buy ammunition, stock up, find a hidey-hole with good range of view. It’s coming folks.

  7. I wish the progressives would just commit suicide some other way than by taking the whole country with them. they remind me of the suicide bombers,” yes I will die but it is for a worthy cause!”

  8. They suppress free speech through violence and intimidation straight out of the fascist playbook. They aren’t anti fascists, they are fascists and should be referred to as such in all articles.

  9. So let’s battle in Seattle
    Well that’s alright with me
    You’re a liar when you want love
    And a snake when we disagree

  10. When ACORN was broken up they simply re-organized into 50 different groups. The bomb-throwing, radical, Communist Left hides under many different names, and the name always suggests something 180 degrees different than what they really are. Anti-Fa is only one of them, but they all have a few things in common: hatred for Christians, Jews and sowing chaos in order to divide and conquer.

  11. NY Slimes reported “dozens of anti-sharia protesters” and “scores of antifa protesters”. Not fake news, strictly speaking, but highly misleading.

  12. People with masks on are attempting to commit crimes while escaping prosecution by obfuscating their ugly countenances.
    Every masked person should automatically be considered a felon, attempting to commit riot, civil unrest, and grave bodily harm.
    I say beat them and kick them until they lay on the ground and give them a Cow earring and haul them to the police station by it

  13. Poor Lazlo June 11, 2017 at 10:59 am

    The Good Government, that knows the American people are the real enemy, thanks you, loyal citizen, for your support.

  14. The pro sharia people are, I think, more interested in sowing chaos than seeking to occupy some moral high ground. But to the extent they are seeking the moral high ground – in the long term they will only occupy holes in the ground. Six feet deep, rectangular shaped. I’m not against that for them. I am against the innocent who oppose a sharia take over being dragged unwillingly in with them.

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