Anti-Muslim Migrant Rally Rocks Montana As Residents Call Out ‘Government-Sponsored Invasion’

muslim regugee anti rally montana

Freedom Daily: MISSOULA – The Syrian refugee crisis has received national attention, and the dispute of whether or not to allow refugees into the United States took center stage in Western Montana Monday.

One group held a rally in front of the Missoula County Courthouse on Monday to protest the possibility of allowing refugees into Montana, while another group is trying to make it easier for refugees to resettle here.  more here

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  1. Soft landing? Just another group of clueless liberals being used by other liberals to line their pockets and leave others with this mess. I can’t believe there are still enough conservatives left in Missoula to protest.

  2. History may not repeat, but it sure tends to rhyme.
    Were we to hit both those places hard tomorrow our fortunes would improve dramatically.

  3. The crisis in Syria was started and continued by people who consider us to be their enemies, the Syrians. Let them stay in Syria, or other Muslim Countries, and deal with the results of the mess they made. We don’t need them here but they actually do need all those military age men there!

  4. I have two cousins who stole all they have from good, decent people and retreated to Missoula, Montana to live the good life with their ill gotten gains. They both live on Mansion Drive of all places. I hope Missoula becomes the next Dearborn, Michigan and they lose their asses in the resulting reality crash.

  5. King of the burning sand;
    We should allow all the women and children (if male, under 10 years old) that want to come, proving our compassion.
    The rest can stay there and build a place for the woman and children to come back to.
    If we did that we would have to go there and abduct people at gunpoint to get them to come here.

  6. Last time I was in Missoula I saw a billboard that said, “Restore Lake Missoula”… the town is filled with fruits and nuts, and the economy can not absorb these people. They say Missoula has a low unemployment rate and it’s because there are no jobs, and you can’t eat the scenery so you leave. When McDonalds was looking for a cashiers position they had 4,500 on-line applications.
    To put these people there is simply spite on Barry’s part. Pick the places white people have gone then queer the neighborhood.
    I hope these States load up hundreds of railroad cattle cars in the Spring and send these sand lice to DC.

  7. We are most unhappy with the thought of placing this plague in our state. Any where in the USA is unacceptable. Missoula is a very liberal city (for Montana) but many great conservative patriots call it home and will continue to keep up pressure to stop this mistake. A commenter said earlier that he/she hopes Missoula becomes the next Dearborn, MI so his thieving cousins suffer. How very thoughtful and cohesive of them. How about we all come together and the arrogant dolts among us pull their heads from their sphincters and we actually resist together, as one.
    Missoula is still a few hundred miles from my position but the enemy knows how to cross mountain ranges; especially when free shit and clean women await them on the other side. We are armed and many of us are ex military and well trained. If it comes to action we will be ready.

  8. You guys are patriots. I hope the Oath Keepers and the Thee Percenters are paying attention. Your skirmish might be with Feds first.

  9. People who are from the mountain west states are generally conservative but they are being over run by Californians.

  10. Missoula was one of my favorite layover spots as a Delta Airline pilot. Made the hike up to the “M on numerous occasions. A fun and sometimes challenging airport to fly into !! Good ol’ days !

  11. The “arrogant dolts” are the people in Montana who have thought they would always be immune from the problems suffered by other states. Maybe if a few hundred thousand Muslims were forced upon Montana, you’d finally have some skin in the game. Never heard much until the problem became yours, too.

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