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Anti-Semite Saved By Israeli Cancer Drug

We reported the other day that Carter has declared himself cancer free because of a breakthrough drug.

Well, the anti-semite Carter, who supports BDS, was saved by an Israeli drug.

Hey Jimmeh! What’s the latest Muslim treatment? Leeches?

Carter, who is being treated for cancer in his liver and brain, said he has been making a recovery since taking a cancer drug known as Keytruda, which was created by Israeli doctors.
Carter has been a vocal critic of Israel.The drug is believed to be the next generation of treatment for cancer.Carter has not commented on the fact that this drug was made by Israeli doctors.

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  1. I haven’t eaten a peanut since his Presidency. When he was elected my pappy said “Son, there’s a possibility peanuts make you stupid.” I always listened to my old pappy. He was never wrong.

  2. It’s called biting the hand that feeds them. Hypocritical libtards do it all the time. No need to worry since they always wait until AFTER they’ve been fed.

  3. I don’t know anything about a miracle “cure” but I DO know that he’s in Lucifer’s On-Deck Circle. See ya’. 👿

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