Anti-Smoking Guy Devises a Visual To Get People To Rethink the Habit

Pretty gross.

I’m not knocking this guys experiment, but people exhale. This won’t happen after 30 packs, but it will eventually.

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  1. I saw my dad die from smoking two packs a day. That will make anyone a non smoker.
    If I had a choice I would have never went to the hospital I was 16. I can still see it today 40 years later.

  2. Good illustration.
    I don’t like him telling kids to make up excuses. Just be honest and have some guts and say, “No!”.

  3. I quit smoking cigarettes 40 years ago when dad went in for 4 bypasses. I quit smoking everything else 37 years ago.

    I was diagnosed with the beginnings of emphysema 10 years ago.

  4. My father in law would smoke two packs a day. Until he had one of his lungs removed – that cut his smoking in half

  5. Gross? You bet. Low hanging fruit? That too, because the body – get this – is constantly processing all the time.

    I was a very dedicated smoker for very long time. Start nannying me, and I’d feel compelled to light up. I did quit the cigarettes (but not the nicotine – I like that stuff) eventually because I wanted to, not because of some youtube video that wasn’t well considered before making. Hell, we’ve had the flip side of the professional sellers in our faces for decades. Success rate: abysmal.

  6. Never tried it once in my entire life. Too prissy. Couldn’t stand the smell and how it stuck to people, even as a kid. Decided very early that I was never going to do that.

  7. The only thing I can remember my mother ever criticizing my father for was his smoking.
    3 packs a day, since he was 14. When Dad died from lung cancer the Dr. said other than being unable to breathe, he was an extremely healthy 74 year old man.
    No son should have to wipe his fathers ass in a hospital bed.

  8. Not defending smoking (it’s really bad), but this video is misleading. Unlike cotton balls, lungs constantly cleanse themselves. Otherwise those of firemen, people who BBQ commercially, etc. would all be full of soot and tar in very short order. Everybody’s lungs would be filled with dust and other particulates, too, for that matter.

    Lung damage from smoking takes a lot more than 30 packs, or even 3,000.

  9. Yea, it’s a filthy, harmful habit but like all things it’s personal choice and there’s plenty of people who do it for 90 years and then die of natural causes.
    It’s anecdotal sure but my mother lived to 85 and chain smoked from the time she was 13. Her father lived to 94 and finally dementia got him.

    My kids called them ol’ leather lungs.

    It’s never been my cup o tea but I believe in personal choice and personal responsibility so live it up as long as you don’t infringe on anyone else’s freedom.

    Personally I think liberalism is 100x more harmful.

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