Anti-Trump super PAC has paid over $3 million to communications firm owned by PAC’s treasurer

Reed Galen launched the comms firm in 2018.

JTN: A prominent, recently formed anti-Trump political action committee has sent over $3 million in independent expenditures to a firm run by the treasurer of the committee itself, an arrangement that raises the specter of what finance experts refer to as “self-dealing.” 

The Lincoln Project was first formed late last year. The super PAC states on its website that its mission is to “defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.” Among the group’s advisers are numerous former Republicans who have publicly broken with the party over its support for Trump. 

The committee is unabashed in its opposition not just to Donald Trump but to any Republican it feels is insufficiently opposed to him. more

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  1. “Self-dealing”? Sounds just like all the other foundations run by pols, former pols, and friends of pols, doesn’t it?

    United Way got busted big time for this sort of thing.

  2. I wondered about Reed Galen. Yep. Son of Rich Galen, longtime swamp republican who worked for gwbush, John McCain and Schwarzenegger. Typical.
    Notice other members of the board. George Conway, husband of Kelly Anne.
    Perennial losers Rick Wilson and Steve Schmitt.

    What a bunch of losers. Piss your money away. Who cares?

  3. I read the article and maybe I’m being dense to day (massive heatwave slowly, very slowly passing through) I’m not sure there’s anything wrong/illegal with this. Anyone care to elucidate the issue for me?

  4. @scr_north
    I don’t think anyone is talking about legality. We’re talking fools and their money parting ways. Galen is laughing all the way to the bank. If swampstermonsters wish to fleece each other, more power to them.

  5. I think there are probably more than a few laws governing foundations that are being stretched or broken in this instance. I don’t know the particular statutes or applicable tax applications, but under 501-structured organizations, different tax status is applied. There may also be problems because of the murkiness of where the money is actually ending up, as in money laundering schemes. Although, as a practical matter, nothing will ever be done about this and other luminary foundations and PACs.

    It’s terrible to think of the good all that wasted money could be doing for people.

  6. …go back to the Fed’s treatment of Catherine Englebrecht and True the Vote. They turned her life and business inside out looking for and demanding all the proper paperwork and reports showing how her 501(c) was conducted — down to the minutes of meetings and lists of contributors. They found nothing after multiple assaults on her by myriad federal agencies.

  7. You can bet that Tiny Rick Wilson has his grubby hands in the till. He probably helped set up this scam to save himself from bankruptcy.

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