ANTIFA activist dies after crash, shooting; death a homicide

I love how the new normal in Portland is that a witness rolls out of “his tent.”

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A man who was dropped off at a local hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning has died, said Portland Police. They are now investigating the violent chain of events that led up to his death.

Authorities have connected his death with a car crash and gunfire that were reported around 12:15 a.m. Saturday at Northeast 8th Avenue and Davis Street. Officers arrived at the scene this morning to find a car that had crashed into a nearby building. They also found evidence of gunfire in and around the SUV. However, the car was abandoned and no one was found in the area.

Shortly after beginning their investigation, police learned that someone had been dropped off at a nearby hospital with traumatic injuries. They believe that after the car crash, friends of the victim brought him to the hospital.

That man has been identified as 23-year-old Sean Kealiher, of Portland.

Doctors attempted to save him, but he did not survive.

The Medical Examiner’s Office said that an autopsy indicated he died from blunt force trauma. His death is now being investigated as a homicide.

Witnesses reported hearing shouting just before Kealiher was injured. A man told KOIN 6 News he was in his tent nearby when he heard what sounded like 2 cars colliding, followed by shouting. Daryl Perez said when he came out of his tent, he saw the SUV hung up on the sidewalk—it had hit a tree outside of the offices of the Democratic Party of Oregon and the driver was trying unsuccessfully to move the car. He also said he heard 4 shots fired, but wasn’t sure who had a gun.

“He was lifeless,” said Perez. “It was difficult for them, they were…just trying to get him to get up. He’s heavy—he slipped out of their hands a couple times before they got him back to the car.”

The Democratic Party offices were closed at the time of the crash, but the damage left from the incident was still visible.

“It’s very sad this would happen to someone in our town,” said Brad Martin, the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon. “He was involved in progressive causes and deeply committed, and it makes it all the more sad and concerning.”

At the crash site, a memorial for Kealiher has begun to form. 


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32 Comments on ANTIFA activist dies after crash, shooting; death a homicide

  1. There’s going to be a lot yet to report on this story as they find the driver and work the crime scene. Until then, I suggest reserving judgment on this incident until the string of events that led to this person’s death is worked out.

  2. “They believe that after the car crash, friends of the victim brought him to the hospital.”

    Friends who then immediately disappeared.

    Wonder why.

  3. The kid was antifa. Now a disconnected Democrat is bawling that it’s “very sad” something like this would happen in our city. Sadness for what?? Some of us might actually have a sense of relief. Some of us hope it happens more often. Across the nation.

  4. It’s very sad this would happen to someone in our town,” said Brad Martin, the Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Oregon.

    Psssst Brad, perhaps you’ve been in a coma? A car crash, gun fire and one dead antifa is just the appetizer on the prefixe menu served at the Communist Cafe.

  5. Could it be the working out of an internal power struggle within Rose City ANTIFA at work here? The fact that O Live censors that comment each time I post it suggests that I may be onto something.

    The history of these type of leftist movements is what brought that to mind. ANTIFA is the PDX Democrat machine’s footsoldiers and The O is their Ministry of Propaganda, so there is good reason to wonder what is it about my comment that does not violate any of their posting guidelines that makes imperative that this not be considered by the unwashed masses?

  6. Him being called a “progressive activist” is total BS; he was a domestic terrorist. Glad he’s gone.America doesn’t need him or his kind.

  7. Welp, we know for sure perp is not a Conservative white Republican NRA member. That would have taken President Trump off the front page for a week. Classified leaks would have started within minutes of this fine young man meeting Satan.

  8. Guys, there is a LOT of video of this meathead talking a lot of smack and justifying violent response to those he disagreed with politically. It is not out of the realm of possibility that his own “friends” took him out. He was a bigmouth and a blowhard and an agitator and provocateur and it could be that he had shot his mouth off one to many times in the Cider Riot conclaves of Rose City ANTIFA leadership

  9. Another alternative OLive will not allow is: SUV with driver wearing red hat gets fired upon by Antifa gang, SUV loses control, runs into gang, hits building, driver flees scene in fear of life.

  10. JDHasty OCTOBER 13, 2019 AT 6:15 PM

    And your further comments on the internal strife in Pantyfa is to noted on other sites.

  11. “Darryl Perez tells KATU News he was inside his tent kitty corner to the crash at the time.

    He says heard a fight between a group of men.

    “I heard the skin smack like this. Then I heard ‘hey man, it’s gonna be worse, you want some more’ and told him to get back into his car,” said Perez.

    A few minutes later, he said he heard a car crash into a tree and then three gunshots.”

  12. The loudest complainers are often the biggest aholes themselves. Unsurprising for an antifa type to have vicious friends and associates. Normal people would have little friendship for those who berate the civilization they live in.

    Lay with dogs, get up with fleas.

  13. Evidently O Live is of the opinion that the public at large is all in on the violence that defines political expression in Portland.

    CONTENT DISABLED The community at large breaths a sigh of relief when their is one less provocateur inciting the lunatic fringe to violence in response to political disagreement and that goes equally with regard to which end of the bell curve that makes up the political spectrum such individuals emanate from.

  14. Would not have happened if Portland had the brains to use firehoses to sweep the streets of tent city and the police arresting any thug wearing a mask. Every antifa member is a terrorist given their violent and uncivilized behavior. They need to be eradicated just like the Brown Shirts.


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