Antifa Calls Police Officer the “N” Word… No, Not Nazi

Antifa is starting to show their true colors. If you are in law enforcement and you’re black you’re going to be called n****r. That’s the way the left rolls.

They have always been the party of the klan, the plantation and the exploiters, never really having any great love of the black man, just using them as a means to an end-  Marxism/Communism.



16 Comments on Antifa Calls Police Officer the “N” Word… No, Not Nazi

  1. Oh, we’re we supposed to assume that these people were something other than the product of indiscriminate breeding of amoral losers?
    My bad…

  2. That was probably the mellowest Twitter thread I ever read.

    Of course I only read the first 15 or so twit’s!

  3. Wait, aren’t antifa the anti-fascists? But they’re the ones using the “n” word? I’m so confused.

  4. Perfect assessment. That leopard never changes its spots. The Left uses ALL so-called “social issues” and identities as a way of plugging into the tax-payer ATM; guaranteeing $ and power.

  5. “We love you, comrades.” So antifa’s anti-fascist language includes communist terms, racial slurs, and profanity against the police. It all makes me root for the rubber bullets.

  6. Looks like a good place to offer FREE wood shampoos….

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  7. At least they’re not color blind. and you know they’ll be able to tell they’re bleeding and not sweating from the head wound they be gettin soon courtesy the LEOs they be dirt talkin to. all off body camera of course. cuz the all of a sudden all them body cams are have technical difficulties
    ***Hint Hint, Wink Wink***

  8. Is anyone surprised??? Isn’t the same “old white man” who’s financing Black Lives Matter the same “old white man” financing Antifa?!?!

    The Third Reich rises and George Soros is the true Hitler. Antifa and BLM are just “useful idiots.

  9. It doesn’t really bother me what comes out of the mouths of ANTIFA, what bothers me is the violence. When one gets knocked sideways it makes me feel better. Saying “F” you and “n*gger” is really a reflection on them, they know not what else to say.

  10. At a certain point in the vid the smelly low life making the vid is talking about the ‘white guy’ (DHS Officer) that maced himself, trying to ostracize him.

    Then, her smelly vagina fishy friend pointed out that “they’re all white”.

    These smelly people can’t even see what in fact before them.

    One POS got up an ran and actually thought he would get away…effing assholes they WILL be dealt with.

    They want an ICE-less society? I want a LICE-less society…

    h/t wictor


  11. Why aren’t these shit for brains working? This makes me sad and angry for our uniformed officers!!! You know they want to unleash but can’t!!


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