Antifa Declares Anti-Trump Feminist A Fascist

What’s the score, now? I can’t keep up with these people!
Thank goodness for popcorn.




DC: Dissenting feminist Christina Hoff Sommers is now considered a fascist.

Sommers appeared at Lewis & Clark Law School on Monday to share her critical perspective of contemporary feminism. But the American Enterprise Institute scholar didn’t really get the chance to speak thanks to “anti-fascist” protesters who crashed her event.

“No platform for fascists, no platform at all!” the protesters chanted during the speech. “We will fight for justice until Christina’s gone. Which side are you on, friends, which side are you on?”

The anti-Sommers crowd managed to interrupt her speech numerous times thanks to those chants, blasting music and demanding she answer questions before her talk was even finished. The so-called “anti-fascists” were successful in their efforts as a Lewis & Clark “diversity administrator” forced Sommers to finish her talk early.

Sommers is definitely not a fascist and is fairly liberal in her politics. She recently showed support for gun control and routinely attacks nationalists like Marine Le Pen. She’s also a frequent critic of Donald Trump.

Sommers earns this notorious reputation simply because she calls out the excesses of feminism. She doesn’t believe in the gender pay gap, maintains a skeptical of the campus rape epidemic and stands up for free speech. It’s why she is singled out by the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center for spreading “male supremacy.”  read more

12 Comments on Antifa Declares Anti-Trump Feminist A Fascist

  1. Somebody once said; The only thing a nonconformist hates worse than a conformist is a nonconformist that doesn’t abide by the prevailing standards of nonconformity.

  2. They despise her for speaking the truth about the myth of “gender pay gap” and the myth of “campus rape culture.”

    “Fascism” to them means “says things that are true that we don’t want to hear.”

  3. i’m shocked that the lefties committee on demanding name change hasnt yet attacked “Lewis and Clark Law School” for naming itself after 2 white men who mapped out the route for white man to invade the west.

  4. If I have a ticket to the room… And someone, even if they have a ticket, or not, insists on preventing my use of the room… Is it immoral for me to close and lock the doors, from the inside, for a few minutes? Will it make Baby Jesus cry if I also turn off the lights? I want to be sure everyone still calls me civil, after things quiet down.


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