Antifa Demand Free Transit In Grand Central Station

Leftists and Antifa demand free transit at New York City grand central station –

9 Comments on Antifa Demand Free Transit In Grand Central Station

  1. They can run amok in NY and they know it. Released without bail. I expect to see much more of these activities.

  2. A quick spin around the Inter Universe will quickly confirm we are still headed for some major violence on or before the day DJT is re elected. Buy a gun, learn how to use it.

  3. This was just a test of nerve.

    Yeah, they will only get so far with NYPD, but THIS was a test.

    Constantly pushing the edge they are to see how far they can get or we push back.

    This ain’t grandma’s conservatism, we must kick there effin’ asses when and if necessary.

  4. How stupid would you need to be to become a NY Police Officer? Everyone hates you. Including you’re own department. Certainly the Major, City Council, and 98% of the people (animals) you police. You get no training, no range time, and are forced to use a handgun with a 12 pound trigger pull. They should all quit and walk out. For good.

  5. actually, you little twatwaffles, you can take over any gov’t run entity anytime you want

    … just as soon as you learn to run the system, maintain the system & find a viable means of paying for the system to work

    must be so easy-peazy from your end of the kaleidoscope

    … go for it! … grab that brass ring! show us, Comrades! you’re the masters of your domain!

  6. Ok, I’ve been commuting into grand central for over 27 years! This is pathetic to see this kind of protest. I’m sick of it all but have no choice but to tolerate it. I caught the 5:21pm out of NYC today via 48th & Park entry and missed the whole mess of those who don’t work or need to. Go figure!!


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