‘Antifa Friday Night Smack Down’ Presents

As menacing as they try to appear in groups, individually, antifa members seem to fold up on the landing of the first good punch. Watch More.

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  1. Jerry Manderin

    The head of the proud boys is currently a person of color. I believe he’s half Cuban half black. The FBI put that label on them. Go figure.

  2. If you go to his youtube page you can see the others like this one that he has made.

    The video with 4 “smackdown” episodes in one link is the best for watching soyboys getting what they have earned and one antifa-tranny in russia getting the best punch of the night while finding out that when in Russia the police have a whole different set of rules and they are not afraid to use them…LOL

  3. I also enjoy reading Jack Reacher novels – just finished “Blue Moon”. It takes place in 2019 – I strongly recommend it as Jack takes down not 1 but 2 gangs in some mid-Western city.

  4. That was very funny and satisfying! Time for afternoon coffee break and I shall watch and enjoy that again!

  5. The Antifa smackdown is fantastic as always, yet my favorite clip in this episode is of President Trump and Melania – what a sexy couple!

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