Antifa hates the father of our country

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  1. The feeling is mutual you damn punk’s.
    Washington will always be the Founding Father of this great country. 🇺🇸

  2. When they catch the vandals, make them remove the paint using only their tongues and paint remover.

  3. They seem to equate our Founding Fathers with the worst people in history – Nazis, Mongols, Planned Parenthood…

    Oops, wait…no not Planned Parenthood.

  4. …a more accurate headline would be…

    “Antifa hates their fathers”

    …its more honest about what their REAL problem is, too.

    …George and Co. are just symbols to aim their psychosis at. Freud wrote a lot of stuff about that, some of it still holds up…

  5. Did ya’ll see Joe Biden try to discern the difference between statues of George Washington (founders in general) and General Robert E Lee (confederates in general) being taken down? It was a mesmerizing display of his continued cognitive decline and complete lack of knowledge of the importance of history….Painful to watch but hysterical….

  6. “George Washington would summarily execute these bastards for treason….”

    …and so should we. They are domestic enemies of the State.

  7. ….By the way “Cognitive decline” is one of Joe’s hot buttons. Expect President Donald J Trump to push it repeatedly for the next 5 months….

  8. They don’t really hate him, they are just fulfilling a marxist agenda and getting rid of U.S. history is just one of the methodical steps. Time to quit using their terminology (antifa, black live matters, social justice, etc.) and call them for what they are – – commie bastards.

  9. Antifa are the most ignorant people alive, being used and led by the democrat (commie) party (and invading moslems). The democrats know they can fool/use these people and at the same time hate and sneer at them. They don’t care if young clueless people ruin their lives by getting criminal records for doing the bidding of the democrat politicians and financiers egging them on.

    And hollyho actors don’t care about these people either. They have their money and security.

  10. Texson JUNE 30, 2020 AT 5:36 PM

    I’m to the point of beatin’ some ass.

    You’re only that far?

    You’ve got some catching up to do.

    In unrelated news, I’ve added a thermal scope to my Hog gun collection.

  11. This disgusts me. On many levels. Both in and out of Glover character. To deface GW? Is to well, to deface ME and YOU.

    What this man did in NYC alone in 1776, AT THAT TIME, sure it was a long slog for sure, but we escaped from Brooklyn to Manhattan to the Bronx once. That was from the oppressive British, but now we have another enemy to deal with?? Don’t we??

    As an NYCer, I know the arch well. VERY well. It was designed by Stanford White. And at a time when artists and architects got together to make incredible civic monuments for…the honor of those being memorialized and…the people. On the south edge of the park is St Bartholomew’s, also by Stanford White, has stained glass in it, ALL OF IT, by a serious catholic and artist of the time John LaFarge.

    The first arch was made of plaster in 1889, temporary for the 100th centennial of GW. Then in 1892, the Tuckahoe marble one was built. The first one was so popular they made it permanent.

    The marble statues are porous, so I am very concerned about the penetration and removal of the paint. Hopefully it will not telegraph through…like a stain.

    Also in current news with the park?? There has been a white naked guy that has occupied the center of the dry fountain for the past couple of months. He was arrested at least once and released and showed back up, then got arrested again. He unfortunately has real mental problems but Antifags? They have NO excuse. The ‘dude’ was so out of it BLM itself did not fuck with the guy.

    BTW, there is a tree in the park, it needs some reviving and it is PERFECT!!

    Rant over…

    HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!! sorry Ozzman.

  13. It’s almost July 4th. Let’s just straighten the fuses out. Before it gets dark.

    If you are a billionaire (aspirant, and/or adjacent), you are a cosmopolitan, card carrying (citizen and/or resident), member of The United States. If you are not a billionaire (aspirant, and/or adjacent), The United States is not “yours”.

    That is not the (putative) country the (North American) “Founding Fathers” founded.

    If you are an American, you have no country. The country The United Nations recognizes as owning you, denies, not merely your sovereignty, but your right to self-determination.

    And any, every, lying ponce who conflates the two, is nothing but a ponce who lies.

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