Antifa In DC Try Intimidating Josh Hawley While He’s Not Home

Daily Caller

Republican Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley said a group of Antifa members threatened, vandalized, and pounded on his door while his wife and newborn daughter were inside Monday night.

Hawley said the group showed up at his house in Washington D.C. where his family was while he was in Missouri, as they cannot travel. An activist group ShutdownDC tweeted about showing up to Hawley’s house and then later released a statement saying they approached Hawley’s front door. More

15 Comments on Antifa In DC Try Intimidating Josh Hawley While He’s Not Home

  1. Someone posted full video on Twitter. It’s laughable really. Misfits of society. Meet in parking lot. Hand out votives. Practice scripted chants. Follow the paid/trained “leader” over to Hawley’s house, designated black tranny w/megaphone disturb neighborhood. Go home.

    Not an original thought among them. Will never achieve a anything of importance, innovate/produce, settle into a happy, fulfilled family life.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

  2. One good defense against fascist antifa is a can of black spray paint to use on their helmet visors. Once blinded they will have to remove their helmets to see.

  3. Quiz for the day. Who said the following?

    “Well, you know, my shotgun will do better for you than your AR-15, because if you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

  4. Saw some stories yesterday saying Washingt ok in DC police were escorting busloads of Antifa into some areas to “counterprotest”.

    I hope some proTrump folks are staying back from the main groups in sniping range. It’s ok to shoot them, they’re an idea not actual people.

  5. Turn on the outside hose on them.
    “Baby, it’s cold outside”.

  6. Their BLM sign said Black Translives Matter
    and they called the Senator “racist”
    The big black man is their mouthpiece but the white
    one is their leader.
    There were only about a dozen but I would hate them to be
    at my door! We’ll be back, we’ll be back they chanted

  7. .177 pellets hurt like hell, and will definitely penetrate light clothing at nominal range/1000+fps.
    Also, NOT a firearm.
    Some people advocate shot shells loaded with rock salt, but that is a firearm, which seems to get the uniformed minions in a tizzy.
    A stern warning can also prevent deaths, but have something a bit more potent if the attackers are too stupid to heed.

  8. If it’s ok to do this type of thing, wonder if it’s ok to go to their homes, nail their door shut from the outside, and then light a mostly peaceful ‘protest vigil fire’ on their front porch.

  9. @ Carlos the Jackal JANUARY 5, 2021 AT 1:23 PM

    “Also, NOT a firearm.”

    Better check your State and local laws on that. Technically, yes. Legally, air guns have been defined as firearms in many, if not most, jurisdictions.

  10. Actually, I take that back regarding the technical definition. In case you are not aware, airguns, other than pop guns (such as a Daisy Red Rider) actually do combust the oil on the walls of the piston cylinder with EVERY shot. A thousand FPS airgun definitely relies on combustion to a large degree to achieve the velocity it produces.

    Federal law legally defines all powder guns as firearms, it may also so define some like the Weirauch that had an either injector as such, but definitely excludes common Spring piston and PCP air rifles and pistols.

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