Antifa is Antifascist? – Why are they burning an American Flag?

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  1. The earliest references to fascists I have found come from interwar Italy. The fascist party was specifically an ANTI COMMUNIST party. Thus, if one is ‘anti fascist’ one is by definition communist or at least strongly pro communist.

    The prevelance of the hammer and sickle at Antifa parties (riots, intensely peaceful protests) suggests I’m reading this correctly.

  2. This group is the reincarnation of the German communist anarchists who were against the German national socialists aka Nazis aka “fascists” — and everything else that is not them and therefore also “fascist”.

  3. It probably should be pointed out that what galled the communists was Mussolini’s idea, shared by Hitler, to promote socialism as “national socialism” because communist ideology just wasn’t doing so well post- Bolshevik revolution. Workers of the world weren’t uniting, but persisted in holding ties to their own nations/people. So the modification. Both are left-wing ideologies.

  4. They are commies, the ideology that murdered ten times as many people in the twentieth century as nazis did. But it’s ok to be a commie, but not ok to be a nazi.

    Our entire history is like this. Read up on the real abe lincoln and find out about what he was really like and what he did. He shit all over the constitution, committed what any world court would consider heinous crimes against humanity, and the list is endless.

  5. And conservatives, even the militia sites, are screaming at the top of their lungs, don’t shoot them, that’s what they want.
    Are you kidding me. I’ve always been a big fan of giving people what they want. There’s only one thing that’s going to put an end to this.

  6. By most evidence it comes down to either owning the means of production (communism) or controlling it (Nazism/fascism).

    Both are deadly to freedom.

  7. antifa looks up to other countries under dictator rule. Dictators that starved citizens, stole wealth, ran away with all the gold, raped women, pillaged land, etc. etc. Citizens in these countries couldn’t leave, they were held hostage and treated like slaves. antifa believes that same thing is happening here in USA and they are slaves, who haven’t lifted a finger in their life other than to bite the finger that feeds them. They haven’t grown 2 brain cells to figure out not only is that not happening, but they are free to leave at any time. In other words, they are the stupidest, most ungrateful people to ever walk the planet. For the betterment, every BLM activist should swim to Africa with an antifa under each arm.

  8. @B_B ~ I completely understand & empathize w/ your sentiments, but it might be handing the DMSM a yuge bat to hammer PDT w/ before the election … & possibly drive away a lot of fence-sitters & d’rats that are leaning Trump’s way

    maybe, maybe not … but if we start shooting, they’ll turn the dead into martyrs that tried to stand up to Trump & his follower & were killed ‘just for peacefully protesting’ … blah, blah, blah

    there’ll be plenty of time for ‘target practice’ after PDT wins re-election & their heads explode

    oh, & @ Washington DC stinks … ~ thanks for stopping in, Mr. Zinn

  9. If one looks to the periodical literature put out by the American left and Fabian Socialists in the 1920s and 30s they supported both Hitler/National Socialists and Leninist/Bolsheviks in the USSR. Did so until Operation Barbarossa. Then supported each and every genocidal regime that followed as they rose in stature and consolidated their power.

    They have nothing to point to that mitigates their complicity. Period. Full stop.


    What do you think the reaction would be of the average Portland or Seattle resident if Trump ordered the National Guard into those cities tomorrow with orders to clear the clowns out and authorizing deadly force?
    Not going to happen. I see this ending on November 4th or 5th after those gun slingers from Antifa decide to extract revenge on the burbs. Unarmed conservatives will die. Prepared Patriots will need to take it to them. There are people preparing

  11. Antifa is the most pro fascist group of people you will find anywhere.
    Pay no attention to their stupid name, pay attention to what they do.
    Subjugation through intimidation.

  12. This is insane but would make an effective, dark campaign ad. Just fade to black and end using this clip. Target suburban moms and creep them the hell out about democrats. This is what is coming if you elect them.

  13. I think here’s what some realize and others don’t. We are, for the most part, dealing with the worst of the human condition. Spoiled children rebelling. Sure, the handlers and instigators manage them. Keep them angry. However those handlers are nothing without their spoiled brat army. And the spoiled brat army needs spanked hard to quit and go home and ask mommy and daddy why they didn’t raise them right. Unfortunately it’ll take killing a few of them to convince them.

  14. ….the hell do you…..I live in the country and even I would be hard pressed to find a pigs head.

    HOW THE FUDGE DO YOU GET A PIGS HEAD!?!?!? Did these people just drive around until they saw a pig and decapitated it?

    Can you get them in Portland?

    “Hi Mr. Cumberdale.”
    “Well hello, Jimmy, what can I get you today?”
    “Mom wants some lamb chops…and I’m gonna’need a pigs head.”
    “Big protest Jimmy?”
    “Yes sir.”
    “Well don’t you worry son, we’ll fix you up with a nice bloody pigs heads in a jiffy.”

    Is how I imagine that would go.

  15. @B_B ~ “What do you think the reaction would be of the average Portland or Seattle resident if Trump ordered the National Guard into those cities tomorrow with orders to clear the clowns out and authorizing deadly force?”

    exactly what I was saying … the blood will be on Trump’s hands & the D’Media will play it that way … in that scenario, it’s a losing situation for PDT

    they’re going to go berserk after the election

    keep your powder dry

    That’s a scenario I can’t disagree with. I’m just wondering if some people are going to put up with these little assholes in Portland and Seattle for another 120 plus days. I have my doubts.

  17. B_B
    been going on for almost half that time now … so far, the only ones who can’t ‘put up with it’ are the business owners that are trying to procure U-Hauls … the Demedia isn’t even bothering to show it on the nightly news

    the D’rats only have about 90 days to make us care about d’rat children burning down their own crapholes … somehow I don’t thing the rest of us care anymore

    they’ve locked us down to the point where our own lives (& our loved ones) are a perpetual ‘groundhog day’ … every day is a re-run of getting up late, logging in, watching the grass grow, wearing your face diaper while going to the store like a zombie, or picking up some crap thrown together by the local chain restaurant … we’re sitting home, watching the tube, snacking on cheetoes, & pretending to GAF … the ‘mostly peaceful’ riots have become a comfortably numb sideshow

    shtf after PDT’s re-election … bank on it … gonna be a fun ride!

  18. Too jaded by movies? Bloody flaming pigs head doesn’t raise any eyebrows?

    I must be missing out. Have to talk to my butcher. I’m sure he’ll set me straight.

  19. What EVERYONE is missing when trying to understand these ANTIFA assholes is that they cannot understand how they could be so full of hatred is that that hate is self hatred being projected onto others.

    It is so obvious to anyone who has been in close proximity to the bastards that I have been wondering how it is that all the pundits that weigh in and all they experts that sit for interviews don’t bring this dynamic up.

  20. A-A-Ron.
    Lol. Yea that’s a very legit point. I wonder if they recruited a couple young girls to harvest the head. Pretty sick shit right out of Hitlers youth camp.

  21. I remember that. In fact I was following your lead. Can you imagine a hard headed son of a gun like that teaching? Now that I think about I guess I can too.

  22. If I was trying to find a pig’s head, I would go to Farmer John’s in Vernon and try to buy one.

    In the film Carrie, the characters in the group that had it in for Carrie broke into Farmer John’s to collect the pig blood. Killed a pig and drained the blood.

  23. IF ANTI-FA is Anti-fascist then why are so many of their agenda items and tactics reek of the National Socialism (NAZI) agenda and Brown Shirt tactics?

    SIMPLE TEST – Anti-FA vs. Nazi / Brown Shirts (SA’s)
    As a group do they outfit themselves all similar attire?
    Do they mask their identity as part of a criminal group?
    Does a Political Group arrange quick release if arrested?
    Do they have High level arrest protection?

    Have Police been ordered NOT to arrest them while protesting, rioting and looting opposing political groups?

    Do they create civil unrest calling to advance the removal of the current government?

    Do they collectively support an extremist political party?
    Do they disrupt opposing political events?
    Do they censor opposing political views?
    Do they march, protest and destroy opposing party venues?
    Do they physically assault or kill political opponents?
    Do they intimidate voters in national and local elections?
    Do they receive mass funding and/or support from a political extremist sources?

    Anyone still want to argue the AF aren’t Fascist.

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