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Antifa Is Violently Threatening Norwegian Heavy Metal Bands

Daily Caller: Over the past two weeks, noted radical leftist organization Antifa decided (rather arbitrarily) to impose its own interpretation and enforcement on what should and should not be consumed by American music fans. Norwegian black metal band, Taake, was set to perform a number of shows on its upcoming North American tour but ran into trouble as Antifa members reportedly threatened venues where Taake was performing. Antifa members also appear to have threatened concertgoers and individuals involved in the production of Taake’s shows.

Utilizing Twitter and Facebook (apparently NOT violating either’s terms of service), Antifa communicated its marching orders and public threats.

Antifa, which propagates the narrative that it’s not an “organization” in order to publicly seed a grassroots identity, is indeed very organized and it acts, in many cases, as a militia armed with baseball bats, pepper spray, tear gas and other instruments of violence.

The chief argument Antifa and its sympathizers make is that Taake is a “Nazi” band because frontman, Hoest, once donned a painted swastika on his chest at one performance in Germany in 2007 with rather negative fallout. Hoest, a black metal musician for the past 25 years, has been a well-respected artist in the Norwegian metal scene and is known for his strong disdain of Abrahamic religions, which is not unusual in black metal music. It’s important, however, to note that being against a belief system is much different than a disregard for the followers of a belief system — and Hoest has never shown a propensity to hold religious individuals in contempt. He is certainly not a member of any far-right or neo-Nazi organization. In fact, Taake is one of many recent artists to perform in Tel Aviv, Israel.

While the allure of particularly heavy bands like Taake escape many, it’s clear that there are tens of thousands of metal fans who find value in the band’s art and music. As someone who has studied both controversial black metal music and horror films extensively as an academic, it’s important to note that symbols of evil have been used many times to denote a particular disposition, create a certain setting and make a specific statement about the nature of humanity and transgression. Hoest is profoundly influenced by German horror filmmaker, Jorg Buttgereit, who found himself a target of German authorities upon the release of the film Der Todesking.  read more

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  1. I’m not a fan of metal music of any color but, I thought that genre was all about head splittin’ and stuff, so why aren’t the fans looking forward to them showing up? Should be right in their wheelhouse. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see how things go when those fascist fucks try and crash the Sturgis party… That’s gonna be fun to watch!

  2. A group of thugs are trying to shut down some artists who have performed for Jews? Seems I recall reading something about that while being a student in history classes. No, what, I seem to recall teaching a lot about that while being a history teacher… something to do with Brown Shirts and the S.A. If I recall probably they were a bunch of hyped up Socialists with a supposed ax to grind against the Jews. Led by a homosexual and it ended more horribly for the lot than what homosexuals already do to themselves.

    Not judging mind you. Personally I would not like to get my backside buggard but I’d like having my cities firebombed and all females in my family rapped by drunken Russian even less.

  3. @Fate Dillinger
    “In the meantime, I can’t wait to see how things go when those fascist fucks try and crash the Sturgis party… That’s gonna be fun to watch!”

    Are they selling tickets?

  4. I used to be quite heavily into this scene and can tell you they’re biting off more than they can chew. Very similar bikers – legitimate bad asses and vastly conservative. They won’t pussyfoot around with these antifa fags.

  5. Let Anders Breivik out on work-release for every Soytifa event. Start with this one, well because it’s Norwegian.

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