Antifa Punk Who Incited Riot Turns Himself In with Mommy and Daddy – LOLOLOL

Now charge him with domestic terrorism and send him to prison.

Oh, and, good job parents. You raised a real shitstain.


Bartels is facing charges of institutional vandalism, rioting and reckless endangerment. According to police, he’s responsible for breaking the windows out of a Pittsburgh police car against the wishes of peaceful protesters.

After he was arrested, police say they received a call from Bartels’ attorney earlier in the day saying Bartel would turn himself in Monday afternoon. Bartels had no comment as he walked into police headquarters.

His attorney also told KDKA’s Nicole Ford he has no comment.

There was so much destruction downtown after Saturday’s violent demonstration, and police believe Bartels from the Allison Park area helped incite that violence.

Pittsburgh Police provided a photo of him wearing all black with a black bandanna around his face.

Photo Credit: City of Pittsburgh Police

Besides Pittsburgh Police, Shaler Police, North Hills SRT and FBI Pittsburgh served a search warrant at a home in Shaler Sunday.

Bartels was not there, but investigators say they found evidence that links him to the protests — guns, spray paint and gloves. Also found during the search warrant execution was the sweatshirt matching the one seen in the video of the protest on Saturday.


And you’re not going to tell me that mommy didn’t wash little Brian’s ANTIFA bandana

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  1. How are mommy and daddy going to react when they are called down to identify this idiots body. If someone doesn’t put a stop to this it’s going to happen.

  2. Kick the shit out of him and his father for not kicking the shit out of him when he was younger!

    That’s what my dad would say, and I got my ass kicked quite a bit when I needed it.

  3. When AG Barr gets through with him, he will have pled guilty to Jay Walking in the first degree, Punishable by a wrist slap for both parents.

  4. Mommy washed his bandana and now he’ll be washing his own laundry as well as his cellmate’s.

  5. How many of these little bastards are running around? I received a mass e mail from a family owned gun store we supply to in Fairfield California that stated they were closing down, rioters were forming up two blocks from them, and they will defend the gun store to the death. Fairfield is a little city half way between here and the Bay Area on hiway 50. 3 exits. WTF?

  6. CGE?

    In FAIRFIELD!?!?!?!

    Jesus Christ on a rocket powered pogo stick. I’m in. This has gone too far. If it were closer I’d say go down there. Not because it’s a gun store. But because as Brad points out, it’s in a small, tiny normal town. They have nothing to do with anything. This is anarchy, or treason or whatever you want to call it…. Let’s go with Anarchy as I’m sort of sensitive about the whole treason issue..

    The point is. Saddle up. You can just sit there with the feed bag still attached, but be ready to ride.

  7. Watch this case, it will go away after a few months of legal wrangling, a few well placed campaign donations and liberal pressure on the State’s Attorney. Bye, Bye.

  8. To Aaron Burr – I asked you a couple of threads ago about how close you are?? I told you miles for me and now it appears closer than ya think bro?

    To Cato, domestic terrorists just don’t go away.

  9. Five bucks Dad is thanking his lucky stars the kid’s over eighteen and an adult so financial responsibility for the cruiser is voluntary.
    I bet the kid draws ten large

  10. Such a hero.
    When they booked him, did they make sure they used the obligatory he/him/his pronouns?
    Because, if not…well…the little snowflake’s rights might’ve been violated.

  11. I guarantee this kid has spent the past five years in his bedroom and spends no time at all with the rest of his family, unless it’s to collect his birthday and Christmas presents (which he listed out so that there would be no aggravating returns). Spoiled rotten. Mom and dad still pay for everything, including a car, car insurance, cel phone, internet, and probably spending money. He’s not required to clean his own room, wash a dish (leaves them on the counter or in his room), clean a toilet, do yard work, or watch his siblings (if he has any).

    These kids are easy to profile. I bet he cries real tears –for the first time in his cosseted life — when the judge starts talking.

  12. Charges were dropped for everyone charged with inciting a riot on inauguration day. Maybe it will be different this time with Antifa having the domestic terror organization designation.

  13. Nothing says “I’m a bad-ass” like walking in between Mommy and Daddy to hand yourself over to the cops for the stupid shit you know you shouldn’t have done.

  14. This is a shift to lawfare. Some Antifa punk turned himself in here in Salt Lake City for his role in flipping a police car over and torching it — passively observed by the Salt Lake City Police Department. Salt Lake City is a blue city and Salt Lake County is dominated by Democrat politicians, voted in by suburban Karens. The County Attorney is a cop hater.

    These cases, tried in blue courts, will likely be used to establish legal justification for violent civil disobedience against an illegitimate and treasonous Trump administration.

  15. I’m still hundreds of miles away from people who made poor life decisions. Further, I’m not demanding anyone unsheathe their katanas. All I’m saying is it’s Monday and it’s time for this crap to end. By any means necessary? Beats me. Everyone knows how morally ambiguous I can be.

  16. Since he thinks he loves black people so much, he’s gonna love sucking their dicks in GenPop.

  17. KCIR

    My ol man nevr beat me more than 1,000 times! And I never beat my son more than 1,000 times. Son still tells his sons about the many times i took him out of a restaurant and into the parking lot for being an ass; we had a religious experience – “laying on of hands”!

    My grandmother thumped me many times. “Spare the rod spoil the child” was her thoughts. She was raised in an orphanage and never got into jr. high; but was a lot smarter then the 2 Muslims with many Ivy League degrees who were our first Presidents this century!

    I may have been a SGT but i firmly believe in Corporal punishment!

  18. Well it looks like we are officially are getting a visit from ANTIFA.
    We have SWAT, Sheriffs, CHP, and the National Guard crawling all over the place. The Sheriffs page says today of tomorrow. Fun Fun. I hope Antifa realizes all the LE is for their protection. They will die here.

  19. Lemme see here: Totally worthless unprincipled kid out there destroying public property, mommy and daddy proudly wearing their politically correct dust masks. Yup, they’re libs alright.

  20. His new cellmate – BIG Tyrone – gonna show him why the Allegheny County lockup is called, “the POKEY!” 😲😲😲

  21. I’m all for a televised public execution as a warning to any more of these little wigger thug fuckers!

  22. I’m pleasantly surprised that there are still parents out there, that are making their kids face up to the results of their behavior. Regardless of what happens, that’s not a bad thing. Yes, the judge may cut him some slack because he turned himself in, but I don’t think he’s gonna walk away Scott free.

  23. I’m just visualizing what old dad would have done had I turned up with something like this. I’m guessing jail would have looked really good compared.

  24. His unbleached elastic starfish is going to be more torn in half than my own unbleached elastic starfish courtesy of my Petey B!

    I’d be willing to trade places with him and be Bubba’s bitch for six months in the slammer if authorities can promise me that I can get mercilessly slammed in my unbleached elastic starfish!

  25. Probation, restitution and community service then on to the talk show circuit with Mommy & Daddy and how it made them understand their white privilege so they could “heal” or some such shit.


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