Any plans for Jan. 17th, 2021?

The LARGEST Armed Protest Ever To Take Place On American Soil Is Scheduled.

Peaceful Armed Demonstrations Are Scheduled On January 17th, 2021 at Noon Local Time At Each US Capital City and Washington DC.

h/t Brad

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  1. Burn the Communist Flag on the front lawn, for one.

    H/t – Jimmy from Brooklyn

    After that? We’ll see…

  2. Yea, and you show up in some of those states open carrying your in for some fun with LE. They may not get you then, but they will later.

  3. OK, maybe I’m being too literal but no where in there did I see a call to bring firearms, from the link;

    “In every capitol in every US state and at the federal capitol in Washington DC, attendees are asked to arrive armed with signs, sound making devices, speeches planned and whatever attire makes their statement the most pronounced. ”

    My fear is what Brad alluded too, some low IQ ANTIFA thug will accept the challenge and show up with actual weapons, and it’s on.

    Whoever designed the sign or the description of the event did not think this thru.

    I would have thought a more pressing (not more important, just more timely)issue by which to rally the folks and protest would have been the stolen election.

  4. The sign doesn’t say who is calling for this “Armed March”
    Could this be The Left lookin to cause more chaos ??

  5. Who is behind this? Open carry is legal in Ohio but the cops do not hesitate to arrest for ‘inducing panic.’ Count me out.

  6. I’m as cautious as anyone, and this might not be the right venue for showing our willingness for confrontation, but that time might be coming.

  7. Maybe shovel some snow and watch history unfold…

    And the unfolding of the Left.

    There is unhinged vs OFF the Hinge and that is where we are about, or maybe where they will BE that day.

    Think how the door behind you, or to the right, in MY case, operates easily. On a HINGE balanced by weight.

  8. Not to be pedantic, but Anchorage isn’t the capital of Alaska. Maybe Joe Juneau should have bought a few drinks for these guys too!

  9. And we’re waiting until 17 January……why?

    Plenty of days left on my Lego Advent calendar until Christmas….then some more days until the new year….and then 16 whole days after that.

    Since everyone is quarantined, working from home, or out of a job currently,it would seem that giving them something to do in all that spare time would a bit more productive.

  10. We gathered 25000+ strong in Richmond Va last year – and there wasn’t a damn thing Gov. Blackface Northam could do about it. We even picked up our own trash.
    25k Patriots with at least 50k firearms – if everybody had 100 rds. then that’s 5 million rounds of Liberty. Only 3000 state police in the whole State. Virginians will be back again this year and maybe not so friendly. Hey public servants! Check your tyranny or we will check it for you !
    “Never take counsel of your fears.” – Stonewall Jackson
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  11. Poorly (intentionally?) written. Passive construction, no attribution, no website for more info. My guess is this written by a smug far-leftie socialist with a I’m-smarter-than-you persona.

  12. Open carry in Florida is a second degree misdemeanor, meaning 60 days in jail and there goes your CCW. Tallahassee is run by leftist moonbats who will be delighted to herd you into jail. Bring a sign or an airhorn, but not an open carry firearm of any type.

  13. …so, all of this is to say that you can HAVE a gun, for now anyway, but you are forbidden to USE it or even DISPLAY it in a manner that isn’t officially approved by the Government that’s SUPPOSED to be kept in check for FEAR of them, then you lose those guns, your Government permission slip, and your freedom?

    …guess we don’t need to worry about Government taking our guns after all.

    …since they’ve very effectively managed to neuter the users…

    If you have something like this in your State – join today.
    By now y’all certainly have your lists made, yes?
    Where do your local commie politicians live? Where do they shop? 99% are creatures of habit and don’t pay attention to what’s around them. Maybe one day you will have an up close and personal exchange of views with them. By surprise. In the dark.
    Withdraw your consent to be governed by such people. Live as a warrior in your heart and see how your life changes.
    This applies to female Patriots as well. A good Shieldmaiden watching your back is priceless.
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

  15. A couple of halfway decent snipers could turn this into a really high level and effective event.

    Snipers from either side or both sides at once.

  16. Stand up, or STFD and STFU. The governing tyranny has repeatedly violated the constitution and the laws derived from it. There is no longer any rule-of-law, so why worry about being ‘arrested’ or having your permit ‘revoked?’

    If this isn’t the hill to die on, which one is? We have arrived at this place because it is NEVER the hill to defend. Yes, this could end badly for the Americans who dare to show-up; think Boston Massacre badly. The result of this will be one of two things: either we’ll know that the game is truly afoot, or the tyrants will back down. The further actions of Americans will be determined by the course those TYRANTS CHOOSE.

    If not now, in this time that our Republics’ existence and survival is at stake, then when?


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