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Anyone else want to jump the White House fence?

From Legal Insurrection: There are snipers on the White House roof.

Forget teams of fences, dogs, pressure-triggered alarms, or roving bands of secret agents. We have snipers.

Can you imagine the conversations those snipers have when some yahoo hops a barrier and makes a run at the front door? Because that happened again today. Twice.

Via the Daily Mail:

On Sunday night, an unnamed suspect stepped over a bike rack situated outside the White House fence. The bike racks were installed last year following a high-profile fence-jumping incident that involved an Army veteran armed with a knife. Early Monday morning, another person attempted to walk through a gate while a construction crew were leaving.

According to NBC, both men were taken into custody, and the Secret Service has given the all-clear at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The agency has been tight-lipped about the two breaches, which are now under investigation. The suspects have not been named. more

11 Comments on Anyone else want to jump the White House fence?

  1. Need a bigger fence. I’m thinking 60 feet tall, 5 foot thick re-inforced concrete with razor wire on top, machine gun towers at the corners, lots of floodlights.

    Yeah, that’ll fit right in with DC architecture.

  2. “a large number of people, many with some form of mental illness, coming to the White House or Capitol looking to air their grievances…”

    Well, Barky is the one who keeps inviting Sharpton and all of the muslims. Go take it up with him.

  3. The fence needs to come down. Fences insult our neighbors. Also, according to the white house, fences don’t work.

    Oh, and cowardly snipers? How rude! I’ll bet they are all racist too! And aren’t guns illegal in DC? Isn’t 1600 Penn a gun free zone? I’m sure there is a sign on that fence telling folks they can’t have guns there…isn’t that enough?

  4. “Cowardly snipers?” My bet is that they are forbidden for political reasons from shooting anyone, no matter how stupid it makes them look. I’ll also bet that the repercussions from incident in Colombia took a big bite out of their motivation to protect this president and his lizard-faced mentor.

  5. I’ve had a few jobs where I couldn’t stand the people I was working for. Sometimes it was a golfer I caddied for, all I had to do was last 4-5 hours for the loop to be over. In another situation I couldn’t believe how much they were paying me to not do any real work but instead play office politics.

    Imagine how much it sucks to be part of O-zero’s security detail.

    Enduring the flies in the winter and the smell of feet year long.

    It’s no wonder they keep screwing up.

  6. Why all the tall fences and snipers?! Barky won two (2) elections!!

    Those visitors are descending on the White Hut for LOVE !

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