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Anyone Know Where This Is?


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  1. No. Best guess.. Holo deck of an alien starship? Non denominational non church of atheists? Is the photo right side up? Did you try Google photo search?

  2. The main concert hall in the World Headquarters of the International Federation of Flamenco Artists (IFFA), which was built to look like the inside of a guitar.

  3. The reason I knew what it was is our business is LeWalt Publishing. We specialize in guitar, banjo, and mandolin tablature, courses, and custom arrangements. My hubby also teaches guitar, banjo, and mandolin and has been in the music business for over 50 years.

  4. Not just the inside of a guitar. It has scalloped spruce forward x-bracing, rock maple bridge plate, mahogany back & sides and from what I can tell it looks like a nice, tight-grained Sitka Spruce top. It’s not one I built. I sign mine on the inside top by the bridge plate.

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