Anyone up for a little spelunking?

PHenry sent this in.

I have no idea why.


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  1. Just as long as I can strap a 2×4 to my ass so I don’t fall in.

    Gonna slap the thigh and ride the wave on in.

    Oh God, it’s the Mooches cave. Berry’s in there with Regie.

    I could go on but I have to go vomit right now, and rinse my eyes out with bleach.

  2. um, because every male fantasy end up somehow crawling back to the womb?

    yeah, I’d munch that

    (apologies … I’m deeply into an Allman Brothers trip at the moment …)

  3. I hate caves. IN has afew that wewere in in our younger days. I was scarred but couldn’t let the kids know it.

  4. Anonymous 1 or 2 or ….99

    Pardon me, but I don’t give a shit fhink or say.

    Are you so much of a loser that you’re too scared to pick a name and stick with it

  5. I never could accept that barely-can-walk Hillary was actually going on walks in the woods near Chappaqua; now I see why.

  6. “Martha?…..Martha?…..Martha?…”

    “I’m right here. You didn’t have to call me more than once!”

    “I didn’t.”


  7. Very funny posts!

    @ DC – hard hat AND, uh, wet suit…who the hell knows what is IN there?

    Whatever the analogy, the entrance to that tunnel is a VERY tight fit…god help the ‘poor fella’ that finds himself in a labyrinth… once he gets in…


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