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AOC and Her Sexual Frustrations

Daily Caller

Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed Friday Republicans criticize her because of their “deranged sexual frustrations” and suggested Republicans seek “therapy.”

The “squad” member was spotted dining outdoors in Miami Beach with her boyfriend as her home state sees record-breaking cases of the coronavirus. More

Daily Caller’s Matt Walsh gave the best diagnosis for what troubles AOC. Here

30 Comments on AOC and Her Sexual Frustrations

  1. If the election fraud can’t be stopped, you may be looking at President AOC in 2025. And there’s nowhere left to run to.

  2. I’d hit it.

    Well not now, my gal would ring my neck but back in the day. Being an artist myself, one of my favorite venues to meet ladies was the gallery scene. It was just assumed you were one of the like minded body snatchers if you yourself was an artist.

    I had more than one bemoan, “…but you like Reagan…” afterwards.

  3. I think even Bill Clinton would take a pass because the ONLY way you could have sex with this harpy would be ORAL sex so she couldn’t TALK, and THAT carries dangers with THOSE choppers ..

    …I once read a doctor’s account of some surgical repairs he had to do on a fellow that wanted to have sex with a horse, but HE wanted ORAL sex.

    The horse wasn’t on board with this.

    And those things have strong teeth. It basically mashed and cut his member into bloody pulp.

    …I would imagine with AOC, you’d have the same issue.

    Hard pass.

  4. I view her as somewhere between Olive Oyl and the prostitute from the movie “Kung fu Hustle.” She has the figure of Olive and the teeth of the prostitute.

  5. Bad visual SNS, real bad visual.

    For some reason, the phrase “never look a gift horse in the mouth”, comes to mind. Unless, you intend to put a foreign object in it. Yucchh!

  6. Plus, what has she done? Name one accomplishment besides getting more than half the country to hate her.

    You can’t.

  7. Donkey Chompers is not the least bit attractive, especially when she starts talking. That just kills it right there.

  8. @Col. Angus
    “…Moe Tom from a couple years ago:
    “She’s mountable.”…”

    LOL!! Sometimes the back of the head is the best view. Can I say that? Will it get me banned? Too late, I just posted it.

  9. She’s accomplished going from a job that relied on tips in an attempt to keep her head above water to a high paying, part time job with perks galore. Probably more perks than we could even imagine. I’ll bet that we’re footing the bill for her and ginger to fly to Miami and are paying for her lodging, transportation and meals.

    What does that make her? Stupid? I don’t think so.

    I can’t help myself from belaboring this point. She’s a communist and our educational systems have been churning our communists in droves. The indoctrinated don’t care if she makes ignorant remarks. She’ll promise them utopia on someone else’s dime and that’s all they’ll need to hear.


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