AOC and Kamala Harris invite Trump-Hating Rapinoe to DC- She Accepts – IOTW Report

AOC and Kamala Harris invite Trump-Hating Rapinoe to DC- She Accepts

3 morons who are dividing this country along political lines to irreparable levels.


US women’s soccer star Megan Rapinoe is on the outs with President Trump, but not with another high-profile resident of DC. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted an invitation to Rapinoe and the entire US team to visit the House of Representatives after the World Cup is over—and Rapinoe already accepted, reports USA Today. “It may not be the White House, but we’d be happy to welcome @mPinoe & the entire #USWMNT for a tour of the House of Representatives anytime they’d like,” wrote AOC. “Consider it done,” respondedRapinoe.


30 Comments on AOC and Kamala Harris invite Trump-Hating Rapinoe to DC- She Accepts

  1. The fact that Rapinoe wants to root around in Sandy’s fish taco has nothing to do with it at all.

    Gay Soccer Power Activate!

  2. Gonna be some big time rug munchin’ goin on in DC!

  3. Who cares? Let the LesboBashFest ensue.

  4. Can a junior Congressman and junior Senator do that? It would be interesting to see how many go to the White House and how many go to Congress. Especially if Melania rather than Trump acts as official hotess.

  5. As a proud American with 100 percent Irish blood, I never dreamed I would say this: GO ENGLAND! KICK RAPINOE’S ASS. SCREW THE USA WOMEN’S SOCCER TEAM.
    I’ve had this shit up to my eyeballs. Break an ankle, ya fooken’ kunt.

  6. Years from now she will so regret her idiocy.

  7. I was watching for a bit yesterday.
    I was seriously torn.
    I didn’t want France to win but I didn’t want the anti-American cunt to get a victory either.
    If England wins, I will raise a toast.
    If not, there is always the final against the Netherlands or Sweden…

    It feels wrong but I can be petty and vindictive to assholes that are petty and vindictive as well.

  8. They could make a movie, ‘The Bad, The Bad, and The Ugly’.

  9. AOC and Harris’s tongues are stiffening up in anticipation.

  10. Here’s my wish, USA wins the cup and Trump wins a second term, everybody wins, the country most of all.

  11. She’s inked an endorsement deal with Snap-On Tools.

  12. Sock her.

    Soccer; The sport of soy-boys and dykes.

  13. It’d be great if somebody was at the photo op to present them with pussy hats.

    Pussy hats. We’re never going to see those things again, are we? It’s like the bison of the Great Plains. There were huge herds of them, and then they were gone.

  14. Big old bunches of carpet munches. And not a single rational fuck to be given from coast to coast. Losers Goons Bitches Turds.

  15. @anon So, more than just a coincidence then that ‘Violette’ happens to be the color of Ms. Rapidnoe’s hair?!? 🤔

  16. Dont forget, this is the bitch that celebrated like a lunatic after she scored the ninth goal against Malaysia

    That would be like a NFl player beating his chest after scoring a TD to put his team up 100-0

    Grotesque .. just like this she-creature itself

  17. Like most desperate, self centered, it’s-all-about-me dykes she’s going to kill herself. One day she’s going to realize she sided with the most repulsive losers and no one wants anything to do with an unprincipled, insane loser like it. She cost Women’s soccer hundreds of MILLIONS! One day great women soccer players are going to figure out why so few principled Americans give a shit about them and their American hating agenda. And they’re going to figure out their loss of fame and fortune goes right back to a stupid, bitter dyke. Good riddance. Sucks to have incredible talent but no gratitude or patriotism.

  18. Best case scenario, Rapinoe tears a couple of anterior cruciate ligaments in a grotesque, extremely painful career ending on-field accident.
    USA wins and AOC goes into cardiac arrest when she sees a lawn mower for the very first time.

  19. Her inevitable downfall will be sweet to watch.

  20. It isn’t the USA Soccer team until they throw her ass off of it. Until then, go England!


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