AOC coaches rioters on how to not be identified

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  1. Why do we have to put up with her, Omar, Ellison, and all those in office that are trying to turn our country upside down. Are we really going to sit back and watch these animals take our children’s future from them?

  2. Actually, that is good advice.

    For anything questionable, not just protests and riots.

    Especially about covering identifying tattoos.

    Better yet, don’t get them in the first place, especially ones that are visible when wearing your normal street clothes (like neck and forearm tats). The cops in many places build databases of tats, both gang related and individual ones of people that get arrested for something.

    FWIW, carrying a phone with you leaves a record of when and where you were and that information can be used against you.

  3. She’s now supporting terrorism.

    Barr will do nothing.

    Btw: the strategy that got obama into office was making chaos during the Bush presidency – knowing that bush did shit to fight back. Guess who was his attorney general who never fought back? Barr!

    The democrat strategy is to make as much chaos as possible before the election so people will tire and want ‘hope and change’. Barr’s fecklessness will ensure it’ll happen again.

  4. ” Are we really going to sit back and watch these animals take our children’s future from them?”


    Griping about it is far easier than actually doing something about it, so we gripe instead of doing.

    They know this, that’s why they don’t worry about us.

  5. Now that antifa has been declared a terrorist org isn’t this “collusion” with terrorist? Conspiracy? Aiding and abetting? There has to be laws on the books agains’t what she and other liberals are advocating.

  6. TRF- lol! Excellent.
    None of the anonymous’s above- I know, right?
    Probably have to depend on the other idiots in the House to say something, and her state. But, it’s NY.

  7. Under the Don’t Bring category. Is that a soiled baby diaper next to the knife? What is that? Bag of weed? I thought it was legal.

  8. “Is that a soiled baby diaper next to the knife?”

    To a prog a soiled diaper would be what is known as home decorating accessories. That is when they don’t have their offspring running around in pants with no crotch pissing and shitting wherever they please.

    You think I’m kidding, don’t you?

    Trust me on this. Progs are beyond filthy and disgusting, they think it is cute or edgy to descend into subhumanity

  9. Now is as good a time as any to remind ourselves that NOT ONE REPUBLICAN owned a single slave at the start of the Republican party or at the start of the American Civil War.

  10. She’s on Tier 1 of the justice system, so don’t waste your time thinking there’ll be consequences.

  11. She should be telling them to be sure to carry a picture I.D. so the M.E. can make a positive identification at their autopsy! It will make things go a lot smoother especially for the families that think their kids that live in the basement are out looking for work!


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