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AOC Gives a damn…

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  1. So tired of this vapid moron. It’d be a shame if she collapsed with a jab-induced heart attack on Calle Ocho.

  2. Bitch tried to flail back at DeSantis by tweeting “Where’s DeSantis?”

    Never ask a question on Twitter to which you don’t know the answer, you bug-eyed bimbo. Turns out he was with his wife at her cancer treatment. Didn’t know his wife had cancer, fool? That’s on you and your wretched media.

  3. Those smart phones are a bitch, aren’t they? Bitch. They can photograph you anywhere that you don’t want to be seen and then be posted for the world to see. Oh, and then there is this internet thingy where what you post months and years ago still is available for the public to read. It’s a pain in the ass, isn’t it? So you’d best be careful what you say and where you go. We’re watching you, scrunt.

  4. reply to J Zonk 1980’s- Her grandmother and mother are still performing those shows, just now at a discounted rate for our soon to be criminal new aliens waiting in Mexico at the border camps. AOC is so proud of them, supporting themselves w/o her having to share her new wealth as a congressional whore vacationing in S Fla.


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