AOC is under a House Ethics Investigation – IOTW Report

AOC is under a House Ethics Investigation

They haven’t said what it is yet. What do you think it can be?

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  1. The House has no ethics.
    Therefor – nothing to investigate.

    If Pelosi and Mad Max haven’t been investigated, then NO ONE will ever be investigated.
    The House is a cesspool of corruption, deceit, malignancy, treason, and amorality.

    But my guess is that she farted in the heated pool in the Member’s Gym.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. The House Committee on Ethics is, duh, currently run by the damned Dems. They’re investigating La Retardada because she fscked up and acted ethically once by mistake. She was offered a bribe and she turned it down, saying, “What would I want with a bride? I don’t swing that way anymore.”

  3. UK Daily Mail says she took $35,000 tickets to the Met Gal in addition to wearing a borrowed “Tax the Rich” dress.

  4. We have been programmed to silently slip away from the facts and let the Commie, liberal, democrats rule the country.

    There can be only ONE reasonable response…..

  5. she is being investigated by her peers who most likely share the same ethics. Yea I’m sure she is quaking in her boots

  6. What should have been painted in red on that horrid white gown she wore is a’tax this beotch’ instead. Donkey-Faced AOC is avoiding paying corporate taxes on that comically failed “publishing” enterprise she owned since the general public wasn’t interested in her garbage, and it sank faster than a rock. Pretty sure her white-trash chronically unemployed couch potato boyfriend is as dumber than dog shyt as she is.

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