AOC parks anywhere she damn pleases

The socialist drives a Tesla. She abhors billionaires, so much so that she buys a car from a billionaire’s company. And then she parks it anywhere she wants because, well, she isn’t a peon any longer.

Here she is at Whole Foods, just pulling right up and leaving her car where us ordinary people would have to worry about leaving it.

ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. How quickly they get creepy and corrupt when they come from nothing and have nothing to offer.

    Just look at Kamala Harris.

  2. Dan,
    She was able to get a dog, after a long search, as this one volunteered to pick up her shit when they went for their monthly walk

  3. Only rich people should be politicians. They tend to do it out of a sense of responsibility and service.

  4. A little off topic but one of ours daughter’s good friends (male) graduated from USCGA yesterday. So we watched about 20 minutes of Biden handing out the diplomas and posing for pics until we got to see her friend. We haven’t seen or heard anything confirming it yet but Biden did quite a bit of his creepy whispering thing to a lot of the female cadets and got that cringe forced smile laugh pullback thing. There was also more touching / guiding then seemed appropriate at times. He has a type, and I may be totally off base but if someone watches the whole thing you might be able to identify a little bit of a “racist”. Pattern in his interactions with different cadets.

  5. “The Tesla Model 3 Long Range has a retail price of between $46,000 and $59,000.”

    I wonder which end of that price range hers is on?

    In any event, for a poor lowly bartender she seems to be adjusting the the lifestyle of the elite and ruling class well.

    Give her credt for that.

  6. Hey girrrl, try the Salmonella Sprouts at Whole Foods; they’ll clean your colon quite quickly.

  7. When I was a kid we called girls beavers when they were hot, not because of their beaver teeth!

  8. And there in lies the difference between us and ‘them’…

    Elise Stefanik drives a TRUCK…

  9. Oh I’m sure she will get a ticket for that kind of parking. After all, aren’t we all equal under the law, whether we are congressman or regular folks?

    HA HA HAAA, damn I crack me up!

  10. mad maxine wants us to get in their faces.
    if we know where she was parked how come no one got in her face?

  11. Once AOC boots Chuckie Schemer from the Senate, I’m sure she will trade her Tesla in for a Lamborghini.

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