AOC: Public Schools Are Funded by Illegal Aliens

She’s at it again!

Dan Bongino: After arguing that the coronavirus helps make the case for reparations, she’s now “informing” us that if it weren’t for illegal aliens, none of our children would be in school. It’s an ironic argument to hear from her, considering she probably also believes that our schools are under-funded. read more

17 Comments on AOC: Public Schools Are Funded by Illegal Aliens

  1. I’m thinking she just puts buzzwords into a hat and tries to make a sentence from the first five she draws. There is no other explanation for her stupidity.

  2. She stopped being funny a long time ago.
    Worse, she stopped being interesting.

    This dumb bitch is a stain on our country, a great humilation, but her, omar and tlaib are living lessons on how deep we have hit the bottom.

    THANK GOD for President Donald Trump.

  3. Today I was shocked to see a long line up of cars into the long drive to our Middle School/High School in our small Michigan town. I thought is this some virus testing or something? So I asked a guy with his window down and he said they were going to pick up school lunches for the kids–to which I said Do they really want THAT? And he said Oh yeah they love it and it really helps out. These people in the vehicle line up had vans and nice pick up trucks. It’s just BS to me, basically a way for the school personnel to stay relevant and get their paychecks at the indoctrination centers! AOC might think they are funding the school by doing that

  4. AoC…
    Anyone who is ignorant enough to listen to this low grade moron…
    Deserves what ever happens to them.
    She is a grade school drop out not a Law School Grad.
    She may do well in Spanish, English is a foreign language to her.

  5. She fell for the “Cactus Exploded With Baby Tarantulas!”, sure as I’m standing here. And I bet she organized her friends for Kony 2012. (She, personally, didn’t do anything for it, but she got the word out, which is just as good, right?)

  6. I always figured they don’t apply for citizenship because it would mean no more free shit, and have to pay taxes.
    I had a neighbor that was from Columbia, been here 20 years and still an illegal. His 9 YO son would translate.

  7. This is what an econ degree gets you at UMass.

    A bartending job.

    And suddenly you’re in Congress!!!!!

    Is this a great country or what?

    Oh hell no America sucks.

    That’s why I got elected to Congress.

  8. Dee; Here in upstate NY the buses drive around now delivering meals right to the families door. I mean really, people have kids and can’t supply the meals to feed them?? Isn’t their someone at the home to watch the kids? Can’t the sitter or Mom/Dad make them lunch. When I was a kid we bagged our own lunches to school. Taxpayers taking in the wallet again and again.

  9. @ P Henry: Pretty sure it was Boston U and not U Mass. Not that I give a shit either way.

    This broad just needs to shut up and wash the dishes. She’s so stupid that when her car got stolen the cops asked her if she got a look at the thief. She said ‘No, but I got the license plate’.

  10. DSC Unbelievable! and a lot of what they get is stuff like poptarts and gogurt (tubes of yogurt), maybe even processed fruit snacks like rolls of fruit leather in shapes even (I’ve done a lot of work as a sub) even when we had the ladies dishing it out when it was fairly decent I still would prefer fried bologna or ANYTHING at home. Well AOC would approve! Is anyone starting to garden big time like us right now?


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