AOC Whines That They Never Told Her Congresswomen Have To Work Hard


OMG! You expect me to work for my $170,000 salary!!? That’s like, like… putting children in cages! Inhumane!

Watch AOC share her deep thoughts, starting with her complaint that she has “to work all the time” and doesn’t even have time to buy a chair (Life Tip #1: Wayfair) then proceeds to work-all-the-time by running her mouth on everything from domestic crises to climate change and the destruction of earth. Spouting non-stop nonsense as she live-streams every thing that passes through her brain as a thought. She does so while demonstrating her awesome millennial multitasking life skills of talking and chopping jicama at the same time.

video HERE

24 Comments on AOC Whines That They Never Told Her Congresswomen Have To Work Hard

  1. She’ s an idiot literally cast in a reality show. She’ d never amount to shit in the private sector..

    Well, maybe shit.

  2. Hey AOC, a garbage disposal in a busy restaurant has to work 1000X as much as a household unit.
    We need a law to remedy this gross miscarriage, obviously racist disparity…

  3. If she’s put down the fucking Twitter she could get Pelosi off her back and have time to do some actual work.

  4. “If she’s put down the fucking Twitter….”.

    Did you mean if her Marxist Indian handler would put down her twitter?

  5. “They Never Told Her Congresswoman Have To Work Hard”
    Unfortunately, “they” never told her a LOT of things.

  6. Hey AOC, try raising 3 children while working (Born 1-2-3 years in a row). Our family doesn’t have enough time for your climate change bullshit. Find yourself a husband who can set you straight!

  7. I guess she thinks the world awaits her every word and the mundane tasks of running government should be left to less gifted minds.

  8. She considers herself bigger than life and doesn’t want to squander a single moment not showering the public with her brilliance. The decrepit hag Pelousy is jealous of all the light being directed at the new phenomenon.
    A blood feud between to mangy alley cats.

  9. Exactly why the left wants equal outcomes. They want to do as little as possible and be rewarded like those that put in the most effort and take the most risks.

  10. So with having like, no time to do this work like in Congress, and having so much to do for the children who will die if nothings done. I’m like going to have to run for president so I can have time to save this planet. Because the water needs help for the children to live and like nobody else is going to get it done.

  11. She is the worst of all combinations: an obnoxious Bronx buffoon with the speech pattern & stupidity of a Valley Girl talking with a lungful of helium

    And it ain’t the helium that makes her a lightweight

  12. Lying bitch is spouting her garbage in congressional committee and claiming she believed they were drinking from toilets 🚽
    What a freaking idiot.

  13. Delegate, you control freak. If you paid your staff for their output you wouldn’t have these problems.

  14. She is an Actress hired to play a role is all. Just take a look at how she acts the tears switch on and off at the drop of a hat. the Feigned outrage and tepmer tantrums when she does not get her way. What did she expect that she could tweet all day every day sit in Committee hearings and NOT be challenged. I want to see her actually WRITE APIECE OF LEGISLATION.


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