AOC’s Story Doesn’t Add Up

The Details:
Steven Crowder attempts to follow ALL the events in AOC’s …dramatic…retelling of the Capitol storming.

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  1. Im sure everyone in Washington will be demanding she be stripped of all her committee positions like Greene, yeah right.

  2. She’s a puppet! What part of that makes anyone EXPECT
    ANYTHING from her? She’s a brainless piece of flotsam. From the shipwreck called New York.

    Quit giving her attention. Just keep an eye on her from a distance.

  3. Don’t make fun of my new crush.

    I would so do her.

    Pretty and dumber than about of rocks.

    Thats a recipe for good sex.

  4. She’s a certified nut. They’ll never convict someone like that of wrongthink.

    Besides John Brennan, another ex cia bigshot is now calling for the gov’t to begin a war to root out insurectionists from the US. And anyone who does not agree with the left is the insurectionists.

    IOW, the gov’t is the enemy of the American people.

  5. She’s acquired the name smollett, shouldn’t hogg be added? He was, then wasn’t in the school shooting but he could’ve been killed if he’d been there. Now he’s supposedly going to compete in the pillow business because Mike Lindell. Marketing? AOC endorses the hogg pillow it’s the perfect pillow to take on hunting trips…

  6. “The Narrative” is all that’s important.
    We’ve seen this for decades, now. HRC under sniper fire, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jerry Nadler, Adam Schitt, Vindman, Gruber, Harry Reid, Bill Clinton, and so on, and so on, and so on …
    Probably since we sent “advisors” into Vietnam during the Eisenhower administration.
    We’ve been fed Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.

    The longer we wait, the more difficult the job. Japan could have been stopped on Sept. 18, 1931 if the World had had the will. Germany could have been stopped in the Rhineland in 1935 – but – again – the World did nothing.

    We’ve watched our country become a usurped tyranny through election fraud, treason, and deceit. Once the Armed Forces are destitute of Americans the problem grows exponentially worse.

    Ah, well – God’s will be done.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Dear Occasional-Cortex-Smollet-Hogg:

    Facts first, then you can tell the world about your “feelings”.

  8. This bimbo creates her own reality and gets away with it. Never a mumble from the deep state traitors as creeps like her and Swalwell are immune from any accountability.

  9. CBS ran an interview with AOC about how she “faced trauma” during the violent insurrection incited by Trump. How’s that for objective reporting?

  10. Of course it doesn’t add up. AOC is a lying sack of steaming shit.

    AOC lies to invoke violence.
    Remove AOC from Congress. NOW.

  11. Of course it doesn’t add up. AOC is a lying sack of steaming shit.

    AOC lies to invoke violence.
    Remove AOC from Congress. NOW.

  12. Hey AOC

    “We’re never gonna, believe in, the stories, that you’re weavin’
    We’re believin’ in the proof, we’re believin’ in the truth
    We’re believin’ in each other, not you”


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