AP Fails to Cite Work Requirement As a Reason for Maine’s Food Stamp Enrollment Decline

Newsbusters: A week ago (late on a Friday afternoon, naturally), the Obama administration released food stamp enrollment figures for July. Despite millions of Americans finding work during the past several years, the data continued a national trend of little to no meaningful decline in enrollment.

Seasonally adjusted Household Survey employment is now 148.8 million, slightly above its prerecession November 2007 peak of 146.6 million. Meanwhile, current food stamp enrollment, at 45.5 million, is far greater than the 2007 average of 26.2 million. There is a small exception to this disturbing situation. It’s in Maine, where enrollment has declined by over 20 percent since 2009. Those wondering why didn’t find anything resembling a complete answer in a brief Associated Press report Tuesday:

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3 Comments on AP Fails to Cite Work Requirement As a Reason for Maine’s Food Stamp Enrollment Decline

  1. If a tree falls to the ground in Maine did a Maine lumberjack cut it down or did the tree just fall over by itself and die of old age and boredom? Or was it hit by lightning? And yes bears even in Maine do shit in the woods. And no they don’t use Charmin. And are the potatoes from Maine any better than potatoes from Idaho or just different?

  2. Democrats brag that unemployment is down while food stamp usage has doubled. That means either pay is way down, or we’re importing poverty. Actually, both are happening. Thanks DNC and GOP, you killed this country, and we’re just awaiting the inevitable bleed out to China, who will start openly demonstrating their real control of US land and resources soon enough.

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