AP: Ginsburg Waited 4 Months To Say Her Cancer Had Returned

Associated Press

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is perhaps the most forthcoming member of the Supreme Court when it comes to telling the public about her many health issues. But she waited more than four months to reveal that her cancer had returned and that she was undergoing chemotherapy. More

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  1. It’s a conspiracy that they want to inject “mind control” drugs into your body. It is not a conspiracy that they want to inject biometric contact tracing tattoos into your body to store your information on medical history, vaccine records, and banking! they are not even trying to hide it.




    Have you noticed the signs at your local grocery store saying that there is a coin shortage? this is a curious coincidence.🤔


    This is dark stuff people.

  2. Nobody wants to see people get, live with, or die of cancer.
    I just question why the media has such a fascination with that particular woman and keep regurgitating her story. It’s almost like harassment, but then I wonder if she’s enjoying it. It’s just so weird.

  3. To be fair(-ish), if she were a conservative and the Senate was Democrat majority we would be encouraging her to hang in there.
    I can’t see her surviving 4 more years though.

  4. Left Coast Dan – Wasn’t there an R congressman who was in a coma and they let him keep his seat? The whole thing is gross to me.

  5. Pancreatic cancer (what Ginsburg has been diagnosed with) doesn’t go away. What the chemo doesn’t kill will eventually predominate until there are no more treatment options left.

    I’m sure her doctors are the best in the nation, but we all have to face the inevitable, even RBG.

  6. Every AP arcticle on RBG has as many huge pictures of her as possible. Is this her final curtain call? I hope there is a bucket close by.

  7. But but but…Trump is overweight and is incapable of being President!
    The double standard is sickening.

    She’s getting close to the Steven Hawking state.
    Is the next phase where her voice is digitally generated and we don’t know if it’s really her that is speaking?

  8. She’ll still be making calls when she’s on life support no doubt. Does she really think she’s mentally up to the job?? Key word think.

  9. Woodrow Wilson was a vegetable and “served” out his term (both terms, in fact).
    I think Gladys Spellman “served” out her term as a vegetable.
    Joey Biden’s done his whole career as a vegetable.
    Hank Johnson’s been little more than a vegetable his entire career.

    So, there really is precedence for “Justice” Ginsberg to continue occupying a seat – and if we consider what the Supremes actually are and how far they’ve deviated from the Constitution, it makes no difference whether any single one of them is conscious, or not – dead, or not.
    A drooling, babbling traitor isn’t really much better than a silent traitor (see Nancy Pelosi for example).

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. She must be a bionic woman, as she also had colon and lung cancer.
    I have known 4 people who died of pancreatic cancer. The first two were gone within days of diagnosis. One lived about a month and the other a few months. Statistics say less than a year is the norm.
    I know that some people survive deadly cancers as I am one of them.
    One of my cancers is rare and deadly with a survival rate of less than 5 years at best with no metastasis. I had multiple metastasis and I am still here 18 years later.
    What no one has mentioned is the affect all this treatment has on the body and the mind. High doses of Chemo and radiation can also cause other cancers.
    The body can only take so much chemo and radiation before other complications arise.
    She must be willing herself to live or her doctors have some magic we don’t have the privilege to obtain.

  11. That she thinks she’s OK is understandable in someone with chemo brain. Don’t scoff. It’s a real thing.

    Ruthie, step down! You’re going to step wa-a-ay down soon enough; take that first step NOW!

  12. She is in pain. She wants to retire and die peacefully, but the DNC have threatened to kill her family if she doesn’t stay on until after the election…Maybe.

  13. The only thing that will kill her sooner is Donald winning a second term. Let us not kid ourselves…her clerks write all proggy decisions under her name.

  14. Oh when the saints, go marching in,
    Oh when the saint go marching in….
    She Ain’t Gonna be in that number,
    When the saint go marching in!

  15. Word on the Hill is her staff are doing all the legal work, and steering her recommendation on her rulings. She is just occupying a seat.

    She will not step down despite NOT being able to do the job. She is hoping to sit out 2020 on the the REMOTE Trump is not re-elected. To her and her staff it is an Political Agenda, not following the US Constitution for rulings.

  16. They never would tell us, her EMPLOYERS, what stage of any of her cancers were. Kept us in the dark all along. She was likely living on borrowed time for a long while. They racing her against Trump’s election clock.

  17. She was appointed FOR LIFE.
    Got it?
    As long as they can keep her from completely rotting into dust (and the public being aware of it), she retains her seat.

    Iron Lung, Formaldehyde, Pickling in Vinegar, whatever …

    izlamo delenda est …

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