Apologies to all for posting this PETA ad

This is the fault of Michelle’s Big Beaver (who apologized for sending it… but I do not accept the apology. And I do not expect anyone to accept my apology for paying this one forward.)

Here is the ad, with my favorite response following it.

14 Comments on Apologies to all for posting this PETA ad

  1. I think I’d like to see the veggies assaulting a talking Conch shell….I’m on a see food diet….

  2. They all looked like ISIS terrorists and Muslim refugee rapists to me.

    Meat protein for sanity! ….Lady in Red

  3. It’s an ad from the UK Europe. Explains a lot. No censorship. At least the pervs in the USA can’t run ads like that on the networks.

  4. “Maybe I was looking to close but I saw a lot of fruits”

    If I had to spend an expended amount of time with any of them I’d make them a vegetable.


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