Apple calls Justice Department’s filing in iPhone case a ‘cheap shot’

CNET: The battle between Apple and the FBI just got a lot more heated.

Bruce Sewell, Apple’s top attorney, on Thursday ramped up his criticism of the government, accusing the US Department of Justice of taking a “cheap shot” and waging a smear campaign. His remarks were made in response to a Justice Department filing earlier that day that took a harsh tone and accused Apple of skewing the facts in the case.

The agency’s brief “reads like an indictment,” Sewell said during a call with reporters.

“In 30 years of practice, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a legal brief that was more intended to smear the other side with false accusations and innuendo, and less intended to focus on the real merits of the case,” he said. “I can only conclude the DOJ is so desperate at this point it’s thrown all decorum to the winds.  more

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  1. Cheap Shots are all this worthless regime has, no regard for the actual law and no fucking class..

  2. If you break the law you give up your right to encryption.

  3. From above: “The battle between Apple and the FBI just got a lot more heated.”

    Not in reality. This entire episode is completely theater for public consumption.

    Apple stands adamant, the government wails about it, criminals adopt IPhones en mass.

    The government already has access. Shit out there after market for Android actually DOES give the government fits. They want to move the market.

  4. Suck on it Apple and Silicone Valley…you love this president and his agenda and support him still. How’s it feel it get it up the chute without dinner and dessert?

  5. Send the military in to kick ISIS all to hell, show no mercy.
    Protect and defend the southern boarder, stop all illegal coming over.
    Deport Muslims that incite violence or have ties to terrorist.
    Sharia Law is evil, don’t recognize it, deport those that want it.

    There, no need to crack your phone. The real problem has been fixed, not the fake one the FBI and Justice dept’s are using to spy on us.

  6. I remember those Apple commericals of a hipster apple and some dufus non apple talking about what Apple can do and the other can’t.

    If I were an add man for some Android out fit I would be running adds of some “normal looking guy” and (now there would be several different adds featuring “a Child molester- make him look like the Subway-kid”; “Jihadi terrorist- make him and his wife look like the couple from Ca”; and a “Serial Kill- make him look like Ted Bundy or Dexter”.

    Android guy- My phone is secure. I can have all my business e-mails on it and if I loose my phone I know it won’t get hacked by some law breaker

    Apple person (one of the described): My apple will do that

    Andriod guy- Should i have something on my smartphone that I don’t want my wife, children or clergy to see … they won’t see it. Android takes my privacy seriously.

    Apple person- My Apple can do that

    Android guy- If, god forbid, I were to be found hip deep in dead bodies or accused or raping children or conspiring with ISIS and there is enough evidence that a judge was compelled to sign a search warrant my phone can be cracked by the FBI. I mean, we all want our right to privacy and I may have things I don’t want my mom to see but GOOD GOD man I don’t have anything like that to hide and if, with a search warrant, my phone could be hacked and the future rape or murder of future children can be stopped who in their right mind would have a problem with that?

    Apple person- I bought Apple for a reason, Followed by either “hahhuhhah”, a very sinister grin or “ALLAH-U-ACBAR!!!” while the wife trills her tongue.

    Announcer: We are not saying that everyone who uses Apple is a Child raping pedophile jihadhi serial killer. We are just saying the child raping pedophile jihahi serial killer, when you find them, will be sporting an Apple.

  7. The real crime here is how Apple is forcing we taxpayers to pay for this advertising campaign they are running.
    They unlock every phone China and other countries ask them to, immediately, and without comment. They have unlocked phones brought into other countries from the US.
    They agreed to do so in order to sell phones in those countries.

  8. Everyone needs to understand one thing:
    It’s not the DOJ, it’s Obama.
    It’s not the State Department, it’s Obama.
    It’s not the FBI, it’s Obama.
    It’s not the NSA, it’s Obama.
    It’s not NASA or NOAA, it’s Obama.
    Every gov’t department is on a VERY short leash.
    Obama’s incompetence controls everything.

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