Applebees Fires Employee Who Claims Women Didn’t Pay For Food

An Applebees manager called the cops because she thought two women in the restaurant were the same customers who ran out on a bill the night before.

The cop was actually very cavalier about the incident, not at all prepared to arrest anyone and was asking one woman in particular to calm down as he chuckled., “does she always get like this?” (The woman gets so distraught the video becomes among the most annoying you’ll ever listen to.)

Yes, it’s horrible to be accused of something that you didn’t do and have the police involved, (I’ve had it happen to me, it’s frustrating, particularly if the stakes are high) but a little self-control goes a long way in these incidents.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why this woman ramps up the way she does – she’s been taught that the world is against her because she is black, and this is justified hysterics considering “her plight.”

God knows no white people have ever been involved in a case of mistaken identity. And when it happens to them it’s just human error. If it happens to black people, RACISM.

One thing I’d like to point out to the shrill mess on this video – 2 black women DID run out on the bill the night before. It’s a shame she is being falsely accused, but don’t act like the persecution of any black person is outrageous.

Also, it might not be wise to use the lingo associated with that particular crime when talking to the police (the woman is mortified that the police would ever accuse her of a “dine and dash.”)

Applebees statement is disappointing-

At Applebee’s, we do not tolerate racism or bigotry of any nature. We regret any incident like this, because we want every guest experience to be positive.

Where was the racism?????


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  1. I cant even risk watching it, I know it will ruin my day or just make me sicker than I already am.

  2. In my early twenties when I was waiting tables, there were a couple of black women who got me fired just so they could get their dinners comped. The bartender was watching the whole thing and saw what happened, but the manager fired me anyway to appease them because getting whitey fired was also part of their plan. They were loud and obnoxious and ruining everyone else’s dining experience, making the restaurant look bad, and he just wanted to shut them up. Good times.

  3. In my young days (1971) two friends and I were Missoula, Montana and we ate at a downtown restaurant. We (actually it was MY idea) decided we would dine and dash because, having never done it, it sounded exciting. We succeeded and then went to some clubs to listen to music. Later that evening I made some remark that some guy took as an insult and he punched me, breaking my nose. It was at that moment I started to believe in instant karma.

  4. Suspect description: Two overweight, chicken head-bobbing, loud, long fingernails, sour black women with a `tude. It’s pretty easy to see why the manager was confused.

  5. confession time. Me and my buds did a dine-dash in Mpls after a KISS concert. We tore out of that parking lot with a rag over the back license plate and 2 busboys and a waitress chasing us.

  6. The manager couldn’t be a racist. If she was, she would believe that all Blacks look alike, and therefore she wouldn’t have bothered to make the accusation in the first place.


  7. Good lord, the overreaction is unbelievable. I wondered if she was 7 years old or someone was stabbing her with a fork. Ironically you never see her face, which I believe is intentional.
    I suspect firing a few employees will not suffice and a lawsuit has already been filed.

  8. It must suck being in the service industry. I worked in retail in the 70s and early 80s and it was bad then. It must really be bad now.
    “The customer is always right….”

  9. Those people always have to make a ridiculous spectacle of themselves. They are incapable of conducting themselves in a calm and dignified manner. Such theatrics and attention whoring antics.

  10. Two decades ago, Mrs. R and I were dining at a Black Eyed Pea restaurant in the D.C. Area. There was a kerfuffle when a black patron shouted “racism” because he hadn’t been seated fast enough (or something). Funny thing was, 75% of the patrons, and 100% of the staff were BLACK!!!


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