UPDATE: Applebees Should Shut Down For a Day So Some Customers Can Get Sensitivity Training

I was wrong. They didn’t quickly waddle out. They casually waddled out. Video–>


After a waitress had the audacity to brush into one of these members of royalty, and apologize, the four got out of the booth and beat up the waitress, one wielding a steak knife, and stole her tip money. They quickly waddled out the door.

They’ve been caught.

Authorities identified the four women as Demetrius Boyd, Keterah Boyd, Lakisha Boyd and Lashondra Boyd.


ht/ fdr in hell

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  1. America’s oppressed: relegated to driving an Infinity to their favorite restuarant. Oh, the humanity!

  2. The names of the women fit the unique profile of the general population who are the ones most likely to skip out without paying. It is my opinion that public humiliation should be part of the retribution they should pay for their arrogant crimes. Shaved heads!

  3. My guess is upper left is Momma and the three babes were having their debutante/coming out party to introduce them to the eligible young men of the area. I see many welfare checks, EBT cards and Sec 8 housing in their future.

    And people wonder why I’ve altered my stance on abortion over the years?!?

  4. In next weeks news, the waitress will be fired for catching the steak knife in the arm when she raised her arm to protect her face… because it goes against corporate policy….

    Sorry folks, I’m still pissed about the Academy Sports firing debacle

  5. DAM ! Look at those sheboon she-apes.
    No wonder Leroy wants a white woman!

  6. So, the optimal strategy is to yell “police are coming”
    Unless armed, then let them have their dessert in hell

  7. The cops had an easy time tracking them down. They followed an automobile that was shooting huge rooster tails of sparks upon hitting every little road imperfection. Additionally they were alerted by the high decibel groaning of the auto’s suspension as well as a trail of food wrappers.

  8. What is really different and interesting is that they all have the same last name……… wow!

    «Говорить правду во времена всеобщего обмана – революционный акт». Geo. Оруэлл

  9. The perps provided one efficiency. However, it’s probably considered racist when the LEOs didn’t need to be told the race of the thugs in the BOLO alert after being given their first names alone.

  10. “You used to be able to sit on the porch like a person. Not anymore…no sir….Boyds…filthy, disgusting, lice-ridden Boyds. Ya get my drift?”

  11. Boyd … Boyd … where have I read that name …

    Oh! Lee Boyd Malvo! That faggot boy-toy bitch who, with John Muhammad (his sugar-daddy), went on a shooting spree around the DC area some years ago!

    I wonder if there’s a relation?
    Sure look similar (similar, not simian).

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. The women are expected to face charges of aggravated assault, robbery and several misdemeanors. I could come up with more charges than that. Some pussy asst DA is scared of these water buffaloes.

  13. Just another day in a restaurant in the Atlanta area.

    It ramped up about 10 years ago. It was identified as “Black with an attitude”.

  14. I’ve said it for years. 3 or more black women together in public (especially if they’re related) is nothing but TROUBLE!

    I used to work in the city. Everything was loud in the city, cars, buses, just the random hustle and bustle was loud. However, there was always something that made more noise than all of the background.

    3 or more black women walking down the sidewalk!

    Giiiiiiiirrrrrrlll NAW HE DINT!

  15. Of course her leg was in the aisle. How you gonna fit those four in a booth without flesh slopping out and over hanging.

    Further definition and reinforcement for the “bunker mentality.”

  16. Why were they charged with assault and not battery? Assault is a threat or physical act that creates a reasonable apprehension of imminent harmful or offensive contact, whereas battery is a physical act that results in that harmful or offensive contact.

    They should have been charged with attempted murder and armed robbery!

  17. Are there no responsible blacks who will come out and PUBLICLY condemn this? Surely, black national treasures like Thomas Sowell, Allen West, Condi Rice, Harris Faulkner, Armstrong Williams, Jason Riley, David Webb, Candace Owens et.al. can’t be expected to carry the whole race on their backs!

  18. @tRuth: I’m not sure that public shaming would work with that crew. Their behavior probably would be praised and any attempt to shame them likely would be mocked and laughed at.

  19. And she was attacked why, really? Because she was a gainfully employed black woman? Because she probably spoke clear English? Because she didn’t look like a bloated hippo?

  20. Uh oh. Was someone looking similar to someone who slept with someone’s (or everyone’s) baby daddy?

  21. Greasy bitches! I think that sow stuck her leg out on purpose just to start some shit.

    My family was at an Outback restaurant one afternoon and the loudest table in the room (that we had to sit near. yay.) was a group of 4 women. 2 black and 2 white all big, over-jeweled, 4 inch nails with rhinestones stuck on them, and makeup that looked like it was put on with a paintball gun at 4 paces.

    They looked like a renaissance painting of half dressed gluttonous slobs getting fed grapes and mutton. So gross.

  22. @MJA — Geoff C. and I really only dine out if we are going to a very nice restaurant or if we want specific fast food (Dick’s Hamburgers, McDonald’s fries, Wendy’s Frostee’s, Burger Master’s cod sandwiches) — so hardly ever. And it occurred to me the last time we went to a nice restaurant (just a couple weeks ago)that our home-cooked food is so much better. One of the problems with all these Waffle Houses and iHops, etc., is it seems certain populations are treating them as if they are in their own homes and not out in public. Next time you visit any of these places, note how the mothers allow their kids to behave there.

  23. “…it seems certain populations are treating them as if they are in their own homes and not out in public. ”

    Yup. I agree.
    And also, management has no balls to kick them out for fear of financial damage, yet they end up getting damaged through theft and vandalism anyway.

    Applebee’s, as a chain, should file charges against those slobs.
    They injured an employee. Why would they let that go?
    Now, they are targets for other low life copycatters to do the same. Especially that particular one.

    If I were that waitress, I would be looking for another job.
    And if I were a regular customer, I’d be looking for another place to eat.

  24. A very wise, successful black woman who was kind to me as a child, also a WW2 vet and someone who’s sadly long since passed away, once said to me about such people, “Freddy, they may be my color, but they’re not my kind.” I echo Really Engaged above. A lot of people in that community and in other communities suffer for what a relatively small number (what is it? 13%?) do. I blame the Dems, Affirmative Action, decades of Dem/KKK lynchings and, later, patronizing and manipulating. Many like those cited by Really Engaged, are standing up and saying no more. Prayers for the many good folks in their community.

  25. I just came back from the public pool. Mr. Kakalogical and I and the lifeguards are typically the only white people. I don’t care, because the parents and/or grandparents are on top of their kids and their behavior.
    I had the pleasure of talking to one gentleman who brings his grandkids. He mentioned that one of the kids’ parents was in jail, and this man is raising the boys.
    Wow, he sounded like my mom from back in the day, when you HAD to behave in public because of the wrath of mom at home, or outside the store.
    When I see those boys coming, I know they will behave. But, they are also having a hell of a time. I’ve watched the one boy go from being afraid to swim in the deep end, to doing flips off the diving board. God bless this man!

  26. Lots of different swamps need draining. These rotund Obama Swamp dwellers should have every government benefit they’ve been given terminated immed.


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