Applebee’s Small Beer versus Large Beer

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  1. We enjoy going there, good food, but THAT is a rip off. AND beer is what I order!

    The guy did a perfect pour comparitively.

    Let it go viral and let the market and corporate respond.


  2. This will only get worse.
    Businesses will definitely take advantage of millennial’s ignorance regarding volume, among their ignorance of everything else.

    Ask a millennial how many ounces in a gallon…blank stare

  3. Okay it’s not beer but compare a “cup” of soup at most restaurants with a “bowl” of soup. Same size.

  4. It’s called upselling. It’s done all the time.

    Or did people think a large movie theater popcorn is actually worth 6 bucks?

    How bout those ink cartridges?

    I know I enjoy paying extra for an “organic” label.

    I miss the good old days when people understood “caveat emptor.”

  5. I’ve been around for awhile and those glasses sure looked like different sizes to me. Anybody know what the price of a small and large beer at this place?

  6. Good bar trick. Bet someone a pitcher of beer that a standard 185 gram frisbee can hold a pitcher of beer poured into it. Most people don’t think it can fit and it really looks like it wouldn’t fit, but a frisbee holds exactly 1 pitcher of beer with no room left. That’s how I got people to buy me beer at the bar when under age.

  7. Same thing between small and medium coffee at Jack in Box. After I realized there was very little difference in volume I only ask for small.

  8. Fill the bigger glass full first 😎
    The top of the glass is where the most beer is at.
    She filled the smaller to rim & still had some beer leftover.
    If she’d of started with a FULL big glass, less a bit of head,
    and filled the smaller glass to the same level, & head;
    the big tapered glass would have appeared at least a third or more full,
    due to it’s top heavy design, smaller volume in bottom.

  9. I know a place where I get a second, even a third beer, just for the asking!
    It’s called Home. I just have to convince all the kinfolk to restock the fridge as needed.

    As far as these cute ‘marketing’ or profiteering schemes done by “businesspeople”, I lay the blame directly on Business Education, esp MBA programs. they must all be run by jerks who never ran a real business. For this contempt of their customers (really), Applebees should pay by losing a big chunk of their busyness. Let them earn it back the real way. And they can demote the asshole who wanted to take advantage of people.

  10. LBS, 128 oz. are in a gallon, duh. And there are 4 quarts in a gallons and 8 pints of 16 oz. each in a gallon. Don’t they teach this in school anymore? Us older farts got ourselves an edjamacation back in the old days, young kids don’t even know to use a rotary phone or even what a slide rule is.

  11. When I started seeing more Applebees on Liveleak than I did in TV ads I realized it was time to find another corporate entity to support.

  12. Look at the grocery store pricing. Check the small print (price per unit) on the shelf.
    Often, the large economy size is more expensive per ounce than buying couple smaller sized containers.
    The unit size information is required, but not everyone checks this out.
    Costco doesn’t count as there are no small sizes.
    PT Barnum was right.

  13. And despite the quibbling the same guy will go to a football stadium and shuck out 14.00 for a even smaller beer just to watch professional kneeling.

  14. geoff the aardvark- it doesn’t matter. What matters is how large the glass FEELS it is.

    It’s the same thing with hair products.
    Example: I was reading ingredients of 2 hair gels from one company. The same ingredients, different labels, different names. They’ve both been available for years. With a $2 difference.
    Also, if you buy Herbal Essences or Aussie, keep an eye out for that.

  15. Alexandria Ocasional Cortex went to a pizza place and ordered a 12 inch pizza. Guy behind the counter asked her if she wanted it cut into 6 pieces or 8 pieces. She said “better cut it into six, I don’t think I can eat eight!”

  16. I’m gonna call BS on this one. If memory serves correctly, a small is 16oz, and a large is 22. Looks like there’s about 6 oz missing from the large when he starts pouring.

  17. The bs part is Applebees only sells 20 oz beers and a 10 oz. called a dilly dilly, for 2 bucks.

    If the tall beer is more than 4 bucks you’re getting ripped off.

    The 2 glasses in this video are both for the 20 oz. So you’re getting slightly more beer in the tall glass, if they don’t run a giant head on it.

  18. Never been to an Applebee’s and don’t drink beer.

    And when you buy beer (or anything else) at a restaurant, you’re fucking yourself.
    Which is OK – if that’s what you want – but it seems a tad dis-ingenuous to complain about being fucked when you go out (specifically) to get fucked.

    But there’s more that I don’t understand than what I do …

    izlamo delenda est …


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