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Apple’s VP of Diversity apologizes for heresy on ‘blue-eyed, blonde men’


Let’s make this clear: “blue-eyed, blonde men” cannot contribute to diversity, and it is offensive to state that they might “bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation.” That is the upshot of the reaction — a letter of apology — to what I termed a “stunning” statement last week by Apple’s VP of Diversity and Inclusion at a conference in Bogota, Colombia,


“I’ve often told people a story – there can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation.”

The reason for my selection of the term “stunning” had nothing to do with the reasonableness of the comment — of course, it is obviously true. I can think of  all sorts of white males who differ a lot. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, to name two front-of-mind examples that everyone knows.

The sole problem was that it contradicts the fantasy that animate racial bean-counting, the idea that skin color, sexual orientation, or gender identification are the most important factors in determining one’s ability to contribute to a corporate mission. And that every such demographic slice should be represented in every sort of job at the same level of its share of the population (except when groups identified as victims are more numerous in highly paid occupations such as professional athletics).  MORE


SNIP: Did you catch that? The VP of diversity, a woman of color,  is not allowed to think diversely.

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  1. Domestically, Blue eyed blonde men account for about 120% of Apples Vendor Base. Internally and over seas, not so much. Fuck off bitch. We know the object of the game is to take as much money as possible from an Apple Bank account and deposit in ours.

  2. Diversity never seems to include American Indians.

  3. The corporation I work for is currently in the throes of a “Diversity and Inclusion” mind shift. The training they provide is schlock and meaningless, yet they keep driving the pointless point via incessant emails, posters, and intraweb presentations. I don’t think that even the upper echelon knows what the fork they’re trying to communicate, other than satisfying the wet dreams of whiny millenial employees.

    My boss is female. My other boss is black. I work with a lesbian (and a great employee she is). I rub shoulders in the hub with kids that have orange hair, gauges in their ears, tats, piercings, all races, ages, nationalities, shapes, and sizes. I think I understand “diverse”, and I accept it as long as people perform their tasks appropriately. WTF is it with all this needless noise about accepting “diversity?” WTF am I not doing to be inclusive if the corp needs to spend millions and waste my time with their endless training and communications?

    Best I can figure is there’s a carrot on a stick somewhere. Some government agency is offering dollars to corporations who suck in the bait of approved consultants and run downstream, hook, line, and sinker. No profitable company would follow this trail voluntarily.

  4. Im not Pc : that’s because the Native’s don’t give a Rat’s ass about their Diversity… Theyv’e been here for thousands of years !
    They may be thinking these are the People from and for another land, far far away !!!

  5. This woman shouldn’t have any job that involves being heard !
    WTF are they doing , it’s seriously straight from Idiocracy !!!

  6. Webster’s dictionary has a Picture of her next to the word ” Bitch” !

  7. Diverse thing you can do in this situation is apologize.

    Stand by your words, or you will be apologizing for everything you say from now on.

  8. I betcha when she was a kid, her Ken doll told her to fuck off also.

  9. I was thinking of the doors opening up for American Indians like they do for blacks.
    There must be one Indian somewhere who would like the diversity benefits that blacks get every day
    because they are black.
    Like the black and white newscast on every local news program.
    Why not a Indian and white man newscast.
    When was the last time you saw an advertisement using an Indian?
    I can only think of one back in the 70’s.
    Why does diversity mainly mean blacks get help?

  10. They have a VP of diversity? No wonder their phones cost a grand.

  11. Corporate VP of Diversity people are almost always black….no other race need apply

  12. *sigh* Yeah, we get it, you hate us and want us dead. I think that I’ll pass on your goods and services, gfy.

  13. The Diversity Scam & Shakedown is giving the Global Warming Scam & Shakedown a real run for its money.
    Make that: a real run for YOUR money.

  14. What’s the problem, she said diversity includes white blue eyed males (prolly includes brown eyed ones too).

    However, womyn, trasnnies, blacks, insert the victim du jour, may have problem with her declaration of white male equity with women and minorities.

    Fired 3..2..1..

  15. @ I’m not PC, the one you saw in the 70s wasn’t an Indian. He was a Sicilian. Seriously.

  16. Anyone catch the latest Appl commercial with the tranny and the gay guy? Something about a good camera on their crappy phone.

  17. Curly black-haired brown-eyed people cannot be diverse. The planet has too many of those people to call itself diversity.

    Can flipping the races around in a statement also be considered true?

  18. Um, people, I think she is saying white people can be diverse. Then she was forced to apologize for her heresy.

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