Apply background checks for gun purchases to voting

If Democrats really believe that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System doesn’t interfere “in any way” with people’s constitutional rights to own a gun, doesn’t it follow that the same system would not constitute an infringement on people’s right to vote?  – Uncle Al

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13 Comments on Apply background checks for gun purchases to voting

  1. I’m guessing here, but Uncle Al spent the hurricane Irma thing with Fur and his mother. I believe that they have conspired into a plan to take over the known universe…..ONE… PET…PORTRAIT….AT A TIME….imagine that as you close your eyes on “Your favorite cat or dog’….are they a portrait? or are they real?…

  2. @Bad_Brad: You don’t understand. Fur’s going to paint Uncle Al nude and then charge people NOT to show it to them.

    My God, how they money will roll in…!


  3. We Need to Congradulate The Democrats on a Job Well Done !
    They Have Created The Most Accurate Voter Check Ever !!!
    I Guess The Dem’s Win Again !

  4. @Bad_brad, @Vietver – Not to worry. Keep these two things in mind:
    1. I could never offer BFH enough money to paint me nude.
    2. I would never offer BFH anything at all to paint me nude. Quite the opposite.

  5. “we could talk about the government picking up the costs of background checks on gun purchases too.”
    No. I don’t want to pay for someone else’s criminal check when they want to buy a gun. Shouldn’t cost anything, anyway. If the Dems/Libs think it’s such a great idea, they should volunteer to do it for free.


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