Arab League Chief Warns Trump: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli Capital Will Lead to Violence

So, business as usual?

Breitbart: The Times of Israel reports: The Arab League chief said on Sunday a decision by US President Donald Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would boost fanaticism and violence, and not serve the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Trump’s son-in-law and Middle East peace envoy Jared Kushner told the Saban Forum on Sunday the president is close to a decision on whether to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. “It is unfortunate that some are insisting on carrying out this step without any regard to the dangers it carries to the stability of the Middle East and the whole world,” Ahmed Abul Gheit, head of the Arab League, told reporters in Cairo on Sunday.  more

20 Comments on Arab League Chief Warns Trump: Recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli Capital Will Lead to Violence

  1. They will fight no matter what (swarthy warrior peoples), however I do think the Micro problems could become Macro explosions of fresh Violence when this happens !

  2. Well, lets get it over with.

    We should just start dropping Daisy Cutters over the terrorist nests called Gaza & The West Bank until those that are left are willing to eat bacon and use the Koran for TP.

    At that point they are ready to discuss terms: you stop preaching murder and having Jewish Neighbors is really cool because Hanakah kicks ass and what not.

  3. I’m waiting for Trump to tweet he is now considering fast-tracking the Jerusalem issue and to hell with Palestine.

  4. The swamps needing draining cross the seas. Triple down, good sir Donald. Flush them out and kill them with extreme prejudice.

  5. Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Quran, not once (they allude to fact that Muhammad traveled to the furthest mosque on a winged beast but the city was not named).
    Given that the UN voted the other day saying that Jerusalem isn’t Jewish, a little push back would be fair. From the Rebel, “The worst of those motions is one that basically moves to sever any Jewish ties to their continuous and undivided capital, Jerusalem. The motion, passed 151 to six. The six “no” votes were from Israel, Canada, the United States, the Marshall Islands, Nauru and Micronesia.”
    This is like saying that Bethlehem has no real meaning for Christians because Jesus is only a Prophet and Muslims will be fair to pilgrims when Christmas rolls around.
    Just wait until Iran nukes Mecca, then it’s going to get real interesting.

  6. You mean the Muzzies can crank the violence knob to 12? It’s already at 11. Screw them. Time for a neutron bomb in some select parts of the Middle East.

  7. I feel we’re making one large mistake in executing this Historic change,and that’s having Kushner Visible during any of part of this Transformation . The Muslims will forever Cry that a Jew from America is Responsible for Upsetting their beloved Mo- Hammed !

  8. Israel and only Israel, like all Nations, designates their Country’s Capitol.
    Jerusalem is Israel’s capitol.

    The US continues to recognize and support Israel, an alliance benefiting both countries. We stand with Israel.

    It is good to honor Israel’s right to name their own capitol and have our embassy located at the seat of their Government.

    To hell with the UN and their corrupt puppet world government.

  9. It’s time for a new Trump Draws. Instead of his signature, flash a big, beautiful pic of Mohammad.

  10. “Recognizing Jerusalem as Israeli Capital Will Lead to Violence”

    So, what are we waiting for? I can’t think of a better reason to take advantage of this situation and kick some musloid ass.

  11. Tell the ‘Arab League Chief’ that it is the UNITED STATES of AMERICA that will lead the violence of, length of, and strength of brutality that will be used in the fight for Israel.

  12. Jews breathing leads to violence.
    Jews being born leads to violence.
    Jews just existing leads to violence.
    The IDEA of Jews leads to violence.
    If all the Jews were dead, their very deaths would lead to violence.
    For the filthy fukkin ragheads, everything, and nothing, leads to violence!

    izlamo delenda est …


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