1st concert guitar, octave guitar: Marie Cendelínová

2nd concert guitar: Natália Filová

3rd concert guitar: Eva Langöcker

bass guitar: Andrea Wild

12 Comments on ‘Aragonaise’

  1. Once again, MJA has added a dash of culture to the potpourri of press, puns, and political prognostications that is IOTWReport.

    Thanks, Mary Jane.

  2. I hadn’t thought about it, but, yes! Bizet, lovely women, expensive musical instruments, long satin gowns and Miss Anklestraps *do* rather meld together, do they not? ….smile…
    …..Lady in Red

  3. MJA,God Bless you for this gift.
    My maternal grandfather immigrated from Espana with his family when he was 9 yrs. Stories of the hardships of the boat journey were incredible and sad. My grandpa did not teach his children to speak Spanish because they were Americans, they speak English. Of course, at family reunions some of the eldest only spoke Spanish. BTW, he married an English-Irish-Scott woman. That was quite a thing back then. 😉
    P.S. Husband and I traveled mucho in Spain back in ’76 when Americans were loved (post WII appreciation).

  4. Did the guitars really want to be touched that a way?…..and think how much better they would have sounded if a man had touched them that a way….

  5. Impressive! As a famous musician once quipped, you can tune a guitar but you can’t tune a fish. I’ll see myself out. Happy Friday.

  6. After trying to follow the ladies’ fingerwork in that wide-angle view, take a look at the piece that follows it: “Recuerdos de la Alhambra.” That is the strangest-looking twelve string guitar I’ve ever seen.
    Thanks for that, MJA.


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