Are all these seats taken?


NFL a Little Light in the Seat(s); Bare Beginnings for Football Season.

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  1. Kaeppernick has cost NFL players hundreds of millions of dollars. Why haven’t a few players taken him out back and beat the shit out of him?

  2. I dunno’ Doc, but whoever they are, they need to get out of those stadiums and over to the baseball field. It ain’t even world series time yet.

  3. no big fan of NFL but…….Until I see pics of each game at the 10:00 Mark in the second quarter this is all spin. The NFL is the most popular sport because of gambling, fantasy leagues, etc.. Showing a stadium late in the game, even a close one, and presenting it as lack of fan support is misleading. everyone leaves early to beat the traffic.

    Let’s be honest and present things the way they are. If it isn’t favorable to us so be it. We don’t like it when the libturds twist things and distorts them to their liking.

    I imagine i will be torched for this. So be it.

  4. Meh. This isn’t really a sports place. Some people like baseball….I think they occasionally post curling updates for the Canadians who who press their faces up against the glass at the border and look at America like starving orphans in a Charles Dickens novel.

    Other than that, not a whole lot of love for fooball at IOTW.

    Not a lots of tits either now that I think about it…..


  5. The NFL had been going downhill for years already. The super long commercial interruptions that disrupted the flow of the game. Blown referee calls in big games. A 60 minute game taking 3.5 half to 4 hours to play. The constant play by play commentary that contributes nothing except to satisfy an announcer’s need to hear his own voice every fucking second of the game.

    And the usual thugs murdering, raping, robbing people. Robbing and raping. Drugging and raping. But will he play on Sunday???? Oh my God, I need to set my fantasy lineup.

    Then, something amazing happened. All of the undereducated parolees decided it was good to protest the national anthem and tell the fans what they really think of them under the pretext that they’re supporting a tranny fucking, mediocre playing retard who took orders to become the next Malcolm X from a radio DJ. Who was offered a job to play for Baltimore but had to let his girlfriend publicly call the team owner a slavemaster before they could close the deal.

    Then league and coaches supported them. Then all the sponsors said fuck Betsy Ross. Then they gave the tranny fucker an Emmy for an anti-American commercial.

    But, yea. It was hot this weekend so those seat are empty.

    Go fuck yourselves.

  6. There is absolutely NO reason to go to a Miami Dolphin home game this season, unless you’re a big fan of the visiting team. And even then you’ll leave early because all the starters will be pulled in the 4th quarter.

    I’ve always been a big football fan and I’m steamed over what the SJW’s have done to the sport.

  7. PEPSI tastes better than COKE.
    ROYAL CROWN tastes better than both.
    But I will have an IPA, You drink the soda.
    Oh yea,To heck with NFL,never was a fan except
    Super Bowl and now with PC commercials it too stinks…

  8. lmao – looks like there are more people @ the Trump rally in NM than the Monday Night game

    go Brady/Belichik! … after they’re gone, the NFL is dead

  9. The Coke logo is Trump red. Pepsi changed its logo to look like the obama logo.

    Ponder that while you enjoy freedom…and a delicious, refreshing Coca-Cola

  10. Used to enjoy football once in a while. Lions, and then when I moved to MN, the Vikings. Never went to a game. $$$$$

    Baseball is my favorite. Dad loved it, so I wanted to watch it with him. Tigers, of course. We used to go to Detroit for a game once in a while. Last time we saw a game together, we went to see “The Bird” pitch. Mark Fidrych. What a thrill.

    When I moved to MN, my sister lived with me for a couple years and we went to see the Twins at least once a month. $5 seats. I loved Kirby Puckett.

  11. I too prefer baseball but since the fookin’ nats are now dead to me I guess I will just have to enjoy the Gamecocks and hope they get a program going again. That stated, foozball makes the majority of their dough off teevee and since teevee is dead to me now, I guess I’ll just skip it.
    If every pro foozball player waited till I got off a dime to watch ’em, I guess they’d be homeless.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  12. Thedolfer- Even the liberal rags are saying this. Also- Check out Twitter. The tweets have timestamps. There are several accounts that exist only report on the empty seats during the games.

  13. Our affirmative action hire as head coach, a guy who never had a winning season, but is black, has destroyed FSU football. I doubt we will see the 80+ thousand seat stadium filled anytime soon. Two losses and one squeak by one point overtime win in a game in which we were 21 to 0 at the half is no way to start the season.
    90 year old Bobby Bowden could do better.
    It was just five years ago that we had a national championship and now we are rated at #75.

  14. In Jax we had a thug player, Ramsey, put his hands on the coach in anger. Now the pussy baby wants to be traded. I am a die-hard FSU fan, but this POS should be punted out of the NFL for life. But the NFL has no standards….so, fuck the NFL. Bunch of violent felons, morons, rapists and America haters.

  15. Mr. Pussy, himself, Colon Krapernick is causing the destruction of the NFL. They think they have the power to disrepect our flag. PHOOEY. Remember when the air traffic controllers went of strike while Ronald Reagan was President. He didn’t mess around. Go back to work and resolve this or be FIRED. Many were fired.


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