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Are Democrats falling for their own propaganda?

Patriot Retort– The brazenness with which the Democrats in Congress promote illegal aliens leads me to suspect that they’re making the same mistake that tripped up Hillary Clinton in 2016.

They are falling for their own propaganda.

This is always a risk when you exist in an echo chamber.

As I mentioned in my previous post, two days after the 2016 election, I wrote that Hillary Clinton’s biggest mistake was believing the propaganda advanced by her own campaign and perpetrated through a compliant media.

At the time, I cited a Washington Free Beacon article titled Top Clinton Adviser: She Didn’t ‘Contemplate Losing’ the White House. But of course she didn’t. She fell for her own propaganda.

I wrote:

That’s the problem with living in an echo chamber – even an echo chamber of your own making.

While Hillary saw Tuesday as a stunning, unexpected defeat, most of us on Planet Earth kinda knew it was coming.

No. Not because we’re prescient.

We just live in the real world.

And after eight years of Obama, most folks in the real world have enough sense not to fall for the propaganda peddled by this Enslaved Press.

I believe the Democrats are making the exact same mistake that Hillary made.

They really do believe that going all-in for illegal aliens will lead to electoral victory – not because it’s true, but because that’s the propaganda they’ve coordinated with the media.  read more

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  1. Napoleon gave a word of advice that fits this situation perfectly.

    “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”.

  2. Echoes are also strongest in particular places. When you fly — always free to you, of course — from The Party’s Royal Court, where The Law is what We say it is — even the “laws” of mathematics… to Your own private fiefdom — where foreigners loyal to The Party have been immune to the prole laws for generations, where you have vibrant Boys Towns, instead of low brow China Towns, where nobody knows who that is — they just know they throw up a little in their mouths at the sight of him… who could ever disagree?

  3. My single mission is to make sure you aren’t senator no more , make sure that the people in Chicago vote you ass out , make sure that the black peoples vote your ass out, some of the black people are getting out of the plantation bitch .so you need the criminals illegal aliens to vote for your sorry ass. Mother fuc

  4. I think I’m more cynical than most. I think this has more to do with maintaining a steady supply of no ingles speaking young rapeables so the child sex trafficking conspiracy that is the Democrat Party can continue supplying their Hollyweird donors and Catholic Charities who have been hiding these kids all over the country for thousands of dollars per month in government subsidies.

    How on Earth do you decide to send a 7 year old, who has a family in Mexico, to go live with strangers or fake relatives they’ve never met in the US. By the plainest definition, it is human trafficking.

    Madres de Mexico. Pack your ninos on top of the Death Train with no supervision to the US. We’ll take care of them. *wink*

  5. @Jethro January 24, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    > Isn’t this guy a US Senator? Doesn’t he have constituents back in Illinois?

    “Illinois” is outer Chicago.

    “Chicago” is Sinaloa del Norte.

  6. “… Dreamers have the protection and certainty about their future that they deserve.”

    And what, exactly, do “dreamers” (another word for illegal-alien invading rat-people) “deserve?”

    “Deserve” is a funny word: do something or have or show qualities worthy of (reward or punishment):

    Thus, what I believe they “deserve” and what they believe they “deserve” may not be the same things. They are lawbreakers, be definition. Those who break the law, for whatever reasons, must be punished, in order to uphold the “sanctity” of that law. If they are NOT punished for breaking that law, then the “rule of law” is moot (at least on that point) and meaningless.

    So, yes, Dick, give them exactly what they “deserve” – seize their assets and deport them.

    izlamo delenda est …

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