Are Londoners Declaring War on Americans?

Why the hell would you not be able to say you’re an American in London?

Go ahead, Brits, show us how deplorable Trump and Americans are by beating up or killing an American.

I feel like going and wearing a MAGA hat.


Keep your heads down, U.S. Embassy warns Americans ahead of Trump visit to London.

It looks a little scary there on the homepage of the U.S. Embassy in London: the word ALERT.

The State Department is warning Americans “to keep a low profile” and “be aware of your surroundings” this week.

The reason: Demonstrations are planned against President Trump, in London, as well as Windsor, Bristol, Newcastle, Leeds, Cambridge, Cardiff, Glasgow and the west coast of Scotland, where Trump has a golf course.

While Trump on Friday is having lunch with Prime Minister Theresa May at her Chequers country estate or sipping tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle, tens of thousands of demonstrators — maybe more — are planning to gather in London’s Trafalgar Square to protest the president and his policies.

The demonstrators plan to loft a large blimp-like balloon over the skies beside Westminster Palace, depicting a bronzed “Trump Baby” in a pair of nappies, clutching a mobile phone.


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  1. The sun has “set on the british “empire””!! Now a bad muslim joke.
    Free Tommy Robinson!!!

  2. The usual Dept of (deep) State horse hockey. I remember being in Crete during the early 80s and they warned Americans to stay home during their election night so that ugly Americans wouldn’t influence the outcome. Total bull crap. I went out anyway and had a superb time.

    They were going to elect the socialist president no matter what.

    Or am I responsible? Haha.

  3. I read somewhere that pro Trump Londoners applied for a permit to show support but were denied by the mussie mayor of London?

    I don’t know how true it is.

  4. The Leftists in England (and France and Germany) have the same Trump-caused derangement as the Leftists in the U.S. Nothing unique to England.

  5. I sent BFH a pic of “Trumps giant inflatable Balls” that were to be

    hung under the Balloon….I’ll put it up on FB when I see this post.

  6. It may not be one-sided. Tens of thousands have come out to support Tommy Robinson in the past and these are the ones that would likely come out to counter the lefties in the streets. London and the other cities planning protests may just be in for a rioting interesting time.

  7. The Christoper Steele MI6 dossier crapiloid tale brings the British hate of America to mind. So they still hate us, they just tolerate our money when visitors arrive.

  8. So, about 25 years ago, my wife and I wanted to go overseas. Kids, finances, jobs or life in general always found us in northern Wisconsin or down south somewhere.

    Today, we can afford to and have the time to go anywhere in the world.

    Nope, draw a line all around the US excluding some of the east and west coasts. Everything outside of that is a shithole!

    London? Fcuk that, I’d rather go to Garfield Park. Probably better chances of survival or not getting mugged.

    I had no idea the rest of the world was filled with lieberal douchefcuks until about 20 years ago.

  9. Threatened by Londoners.

    That’s like being threatened by bunnies. These people can’t even win at soccer. A sport they INVENTED.

  10. @Aaron Burr – O/T – Happy Anniversary! On July 11, 1804, you shot that nasty big govt creep Alex Hamilton; it took him a day and a half to die. Thank you very, very much (but sooner would have been better!).

  11. Damn! Melania is looking good today….well, uh..everyday.

    That the Brits don’t like us, is just jealously.

    I don’t care what they think… the ungrateful sons-of- weasels

  12. The NWO cabal is real. They’re in total control of whatever the plebes hear and the plebes like it.

    UK is much further gone than we are. The treasonous (neutering Brexit) T. May is against the only ones with their eyes open. It’s terrible how she and Angela Merkle are from the same cloth. They need to be shot.

    I truly have no hope for the UK. I expect a whole different creature in that space within 20 years.

  13. Al, I’m not a barbarian. I sent the man a lovely bottle of wine as a consolation prize.

    But yes…. Hamilton’s pistols were not rifled so even though I was aiming for his chest the round did indeed, strike him in his yarbles.

    sigh…… good times….

  14. 1979 my bride expressed a desire to visit Egypt and see the culture and, of course, explore the pyramids. She had just read some romantic novels set in the middle east and Egypt in particular.

    I just looked at her and saw something I hadn’t seen before in our young marriage. Oohhh noo, you silly whiter-than-white Irish redhead living in la-la land. What am I to do with you?

    One of the first clues she was not as bright as I had thought. I fought that truth for years, to know avail.

  15. Let’s see how the anons at 4chan deal with that balloon…

    @ Aaron Burr and Uncle Al – regardless of what you guys say Hamilton was an adjunct to Washington…not a fan just giving credit.

    Hamilton shows up @0:41

    Now that said I am more of a Jeffersonian…


  16. Hamilton was a suck up to Washington. All his aides were suck ups. Burr worked for Arnold, then Montgomery…who had the misfortune to stop multiple minnie balls with his rotund corpse.

    Being chums with G.W. doesn’t make one golden. After all, Hamilton was the dick who led the Army against civilians in the whiskey rebellion.

  17. Aaron Burr July 11, 2018 at 7:01 pm

    hmmm. I’m guessing….. “Porfirio”….possibly “Sherwood”.


    Porfirio is a awesome smart person, even though he can get a little out of hand. Even though he denies it he will be a great friend who will always be there for you.

    Porfirio is a awesome friend.

    Damn, you’re good.

    Nailed it first stab.

    Then there’s the second stab:

    Top definition
    A pretty bad-ass hoss. Don’t be fooled by the properness of his name, this is a funky mofo, ya herd?

    You have a direct seeing of the unseen? Scary! But cool.

  18. @ghost of col j glover – One can even say nice things about Benedict Arnold and his contributions to the American Revolution – before 1780, that is. Anyone who is a fan of the big govt we are saddled with today can in large measure thank Hamilton and his anti-Jeffersonian counter-revolutionary machinations.

  19. “Porfirio J. Sherwood”

    Damn! I AM good.

    Now all you need is a snappy avi and you’re legit. I recommend a pic of El Cid. No one ever uses El Cid as an avatar. Why? Because he is too much macho. El Cid is all the machos.

    Welcome Porfirio J. Sherwood, the internets are yours to rule.

  20. @ Aaron Burr – and you would not be a suck up to a person that is the commander in chief in the form of GW fighting for your collective cause? What is a suck up in a revolution? Did I have my own problems with GW? Uh yeah.

    @ Uncle Al – I agree to your premise but BA was wounded some say, I was there, recklessly as in DRUNK, at the Battle of Saratoga…

    Arnold was pissed because he was not given a certain command. That is why he is buried in England.


  21. “While Trump on Friday is having lunch with Prime Minister Theresa May…”
    If they’re going to demonstrate on Friday afternoon, they’ll have to coordinate that with muslim prayers, which I’m sure they’ve done. They’ll rile up the crowd then let them loose.
    Screw the limey bastiches

    They have Tommy in the Tower.
    Screw england and piss on the queen.

  22. Judging by the simple lack of integrity by the Brits…..I’d just as soon they go their way and we’ll go our way.

  23. Dear Col. Glover,


    No good sir I would not and did not serve with the 6 foot 4 orange haired bag of scotch temper and irish sobriety. Washington was waaaay down the leadership pole but everyone else like the fore mentioned Montgomery and the revolutions first pick for C.I.C., General Warren got shot to pieces.

    It should have been Hanson, Warren, then Washington as presidents.

  24. @ Aaron Burr – Should Hancock, first Continental or Gates or Lee, Second Continental been your preference??

    For the record, as an American with Irish blood…

    Eff Cromwell, eff the Brits they were responsible for all this shit, 242 plus years ago and still today.

    Their flag is barely flying in the country never mind the world when it used to.

    I say cut the cord. And they know it’s coming.


  25. So Uncle Al what just did Aaron Burr write in the Federalist papers?. The asshole wanted to start his own country, by taking over Mexico, and then what,move north, thank god he was stopped.

  26. Mr. Burr,

    The Austraaaaalian guy?

    I’m from the Bronx…the place the Glover defended against Howe’s invasion of NY.

    The Continental 14th went to White Plains after that…
    defending GW’s rear end.

    That was JUST the the second GW rescue…


  27. Yes yes Col, GW was insufferable…. please excuse me for a moment.

    Dear Mr. Saltine,

    please reduce your daily intake of semen. After which time you can thank me for inventing Texas.

    yours in American Jesus,

    Col A. Burr esq ect etc….

  28. Why yes Mr. Burr I remember The Alamo and Aaron Burr fighting to the death with John Wayne. What a fight it was.


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