Are Only White People Racist?

While some pundits and politicians constantly accuse President Trump of being racist, the average person may have a very different idea of what makes someone racist. And are white people really the only racist people in America? Larry takes a look at the evidence when it comes to bigotry in this country.

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12 Comments on Are Only White People Racist?

  1. Yes. Only white people can be ‘racists’.
    Black people are ‘rioting and looting racists’.

    Leftists thought locking us down to ‘keep us safe’ was so cool. They didn’t care how much it hurt us.
    Well, officer Chauvin was just trying to keep us safe. Don’t they want to be safe? Now the left is singing a different tune.

    There is no greater entertainment than watching a liberal city BURN TO THE F***ING GROUND!!!

    Floyd obviously died of covid 19, anyway.

  2. Wonder if Rolling Stone will put Officer Chauvin on the cover? They seem to have a thing for featuring murderers

  3. Only whites are racist? Give me a fucking break. Almost EVERY black person I have ever known and I lived in 5 Points in Denver for years, looks at EVERYTHING through racial glasses.

    From getting passed over for anything including promotions, dates, service, queues to being denied some government cheese to what they’re being charged for something to a passing look…EVERYTHING

    It’s their culture. Lying is second nature to them and they lie to everyone especially themselves.

    The Larry Elders & Walter Williams of this country are outnumbered by the others easily 1000-1.

  4. RACIST used to be someone who believed in the inherent (immutable) superiority of a group based on that group’s RACIAL CHARACTERISTICS (though no one could really define “racial characteristics” in other than the most obvious traits – melanin content, epicanthic folds, long noses, shit like that).

    RACIST is now a ragged overused epithet devoid of meaning which implies that some are responsible for the failures of others (individually or collectively).

    It’s more a political term, now, and so whoever controls the language gets to denounce whomever they choose with it – so, basically, white people who want to keep black people and brown people on the nihilistic totalitarian plantation use it against other white people who don’t.

    YOU are a RACIST for NOT wanting to give the fruits of YOUR labor to lazy slugs.
    YOU are a RACIST for NOT agreeing to YOUR own enslavement.
    Basically, a RACIST is a non-socialist.
    A RACIST negro can’t exist because it would contravene the narrative.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Thursday nights there were reports of three black males dragging white women into a car against their will. Then there was a report of a topless white woman in a car under duress with three black males. Friday morning a naked dead white woman was found in a car.
    Have they announced her name? Have they mentioned her at all on TV news?
    Only white people can be racists

  6. Let me enlighten the USA, if not the World.
    * I am from the South, middle GA. in fact.
    * As last I read, we have the MOST racially integrated number of marriages and births per 1000 in the USA.
    * We have less Racial/Racist incidents than Northern States.
    * We have far less Police vs Minority racial incidents than Northern States. It seems the more Liberal the Northern State the more Racial.
    * We don’t have the NEO-Nazi aka KKK HQ. in the South, that has been up North for nearly 1/2 century.
    * We have not had a KKK style march in GA, Al. MS. TN, KY, FL. or SC. state Since the 1970’s. But they have them up North (eg. Chicago) every election year to stir up the voters.
    * We non-city people treat people like people. Whether they be White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or Heinz 57.
    * Only when someone decides to act like a Thug, Idiot, gets aggressive and/or display really bad manners. Then do we have a meeting of the minds to address it.
    * I have seen Whites hold doors for others and I have seem one race stop to help another.
    * We act as a community and immediately call out and rid ourselves of Outsiders trying to stir up phony issues.
    * I have seen older people of different races dig into their n-95 stash and donate masks to elderly of a different race or color.
    * When was the last time there was a Racial Riot in the South? Some time back in 1970s if I remember?
    * List the last 12 racial riots How many were North vs. South?
    In short I don’t see the Racial issues that the Media, Liberals, Socialists and Democrat leadership that make their $$$ playing the Race Card.

    Note: have you ever noticed most Civil Rights Leaders tend to be racist and stereotype other races and colors PLUS live up North?

    Heck we have Black Sheriff that is widely supported by all colors and races in my county. Yet our local paper now nationally owned, will jump at any chance to incite or play out racial issues.

    The problem is not the South, it is the Liberalized North and the Twin Cities once again have prove this point.

  7. I don’t understand the whole concept of racism. I hate just about everyone. Get off my lawn!

  8. If the left can accuse society of “institutional racism” can society use their apparent “institutional anti-social and destructive behavior” as an excuse to ‘quarantine’ them?


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